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Remote Viewing

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How to Use the Psychic Ability of Long Distance Viewing

Remote viewing has been used by many psychics to gather information about distant and unseen people and locations. Now remote viewing techniques can be learned from home.

There are many remote viewing training programs that are available. Most of these programs are done by professionals and psychics that claim to have worked for a government agency. Many remote viewing training programs can be expensive. Here are some suggestions on how an individual can remote view and use remote viewing techniques without initially spending a large sum of money.

Preparing for a Remote Viewing Session

In preparing to perform remote viewing (a.k.a. long distance viewing) it’s essential that a person is in the proper mood, that they find the right location, and that they are in the right frame of mind. The following points should be considered:

  • The room that is used for remote viewing training should be quiet.
  • Phones should be unplugged or turned off.
  • Select a time of day or location that makes it less likely that one will be disturbed by another person or pet.
  • When preparing to perform remote viewing, lay or sit in a comfortable position.
  • Closing the eyes helps to shut out influences from the outside world.
  • Finally, it’s important to achieve a relaxed state. Many benefit from a progressive relaxation such as the one found at Rutgers State University website.

After the breathing pattern has been established but prior to the actual long distance viewing attempt, it’s usually a good idea to work with some self hypnosis techniques, such as the following:

  • Take the time to collectively get rid of worries, fears, and anxieties by visualizing a box, balloon, or something else in which they mentally put those fears and worries into.
  • Visualize the number 100 and watch it count backwards. As it does so, use each number to sink more deeply into a state of relaxation.
  • Breathe in and out, visualizing white light energy. This is reported to raise vibration, making it easier to mentally access the information they seek. An easy way to do this involves visualizing a light bulb.

Once these preparations are complete, one can begin practicing remote viewing by thinking of the location or person that they want to long distance view and then use the imagination to visualize their target as clearly as possible.

While attempting to achieve a clear mental image of the target, one can ask questions to stimulate the mind. How is the target dressed? What’s in the room? Who is with the target? What color are the walls, carpets, ceiling? Can anything be heard? Are there any smells? What’s the general feeling of the targeted location or person?

When practicing remote viewing, try to remember as much as possible during the remote viewing training session. When the session is over, the remote viewing student can slowly open his/her eyes as gradually returning to fully waking consciousness.

After the Remote Viewing Training Session

Most remote viewing training courses will require students to journal about what they saw, felt, and heard. One of the ways a student improves their remote viewing techniques is by getting feedback. As such, it’s important that when someone is first starting to learn remote viewing that they choose a location and/or person that they can check in with to find out how accurate their remote viewing training session was.

A person should not beat themselves up if they discover that their distant viewing results were not very successful. The mind is very sensitive and the more positive feedback and encouragement someone gives it, the better that mind tends to perform. Likewise, the more critical and less supportive remote viewing student is less likely to achieve good results.

Additional Remote Viewing Training

As with all skills, the more often one practices remote viewing, the better the skill will be developed. Eventually, if one finds they have a natural talent with remote viewing, it may be beneficial to try a full remote viewing course.

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