Psychic Vampires Protection Techniques

Psychic Vampires Protection Techniques

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What Can You Do to Overcome Loosing Your Life Force Energy to Negative People?

I’d like to address a very common problem that people face in our world each and every day. That problem is negative people, better known as energy vampires.

You know the kind I’m talking about, right? The people that no matter what you say or do they tell you it isn’t right. These same people also find a way to ruin almost any good moment with a well placed negative comment. It’s like they are truly never happy.

Today I’m going to give you some tips on dealing with these energy vampires. I’m going to offer some practical ways to overcome their negative energy, or at the very least protect your own energy from being contaminated by them.

Let’s start with some basics.

The Zen State

The “Zen” state is the best state to be in when dealing with energy vampires.

What is the Zen state? It’s a place where you are totally calm and present in the here and now. You aren’t thinking about the past, nor are you thinking about the future. You’re just here doing your thing. It’s a place where you don’t allow your emotions to be out of control or upset by the things that are said. It’s a place where you offer no resistance or defense to what is said. If you have to defend yourself, then you’re falling right into the energy game and trap that the energy vampires want you in. To defend yourself, to get upset, to do any of these things is allowing them to win. So instead focus your mind on something calming, like a dolphin, and just smile and nod your head. They may get angry or upset that you aren’t getting angry and upset, but what you’ve masterfully done is turned the energy attack around on them.

Be Defiant!

Have you ever been around a defiant young child? What do they do? They cross their arms, lower their head, sometimes even turn their back on you. Sometimes they’ll even storm out of the room. Of course, when we do these things as a child we get in trouble. As adults, however, there are times when being calmly defiant is not only appropriate, but also very helpful in dealing with energy vampires and negative people.

The same physical actions, when slightly modified, are excellent ways to conserve your own energy. By crossing your arms or ankles you are shutting down your own energy field and not allowing the energy vampire to have access to it. You don’t have to make a dramatic show out of this, a simple act of crossing your arms, legs, or ankles while sitting in a chair is all that it takes. When the person that is spewing off negative comments realizes that they aren’t getting anything from doing it, they will stop and move on to someone else whom they can get energy from.

Likewise, if you’re in a social setting where there are a good number of people and someone has signal you out to try and zap you, there are things you can do too. Oh, and when I say zap you I’m referring to that feeling you get when you’re talking to someone, but feel like you no longer want to talk to them. You start to get annoyed and really just wish they’d shut up and go somewhere else. Yea, when you’re feeling that you’ve been zapped!

The method of ending a zapping is to smile, thank the person, tell them there is someone else you need to say hello to or that there is somewhere you need to get to, and without waiting for a response turn your back to them and walk to someone or somewhere else. This totally breaks any energy connection between you and them and in the process puts other people or some space between you as well.

Sack Them!

Another great way of dealing with energy vampires is to sack them. What do I mean by that? Well, a mentor a long time ago taught me that sometimes you just need to visualize a person being put into a sack and the sack being closed and tied shut. This puts the person’s energy body into a sack where their own energy is contained. As such, if they are negative they feel crappy. If they are positive, however, they feel great. This is a wonderful technique for using classical conditioning with a person. They tend to learn real quickly when around you, that if they are negative they feel yucky, but if they are positive they feel great!

In fact, it’s important to always spend more time with someone that is an energy vampire when they are being positive as opposed to being negative. This also another form of classical conditioning can have the very same effect as just mentioned.

Use these methods to protect yourself against the energy vampires of the world and you’re sure to feel a difference in your own energy. Additionally, I can guarantee that you’ll discover you are attracting a different type of person into your life. You will be attracting people that are more positive and fun to be around.

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