Connie and Martin Jordan

Martin and Connie Jordan

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What would it be like for a child to die? What would happen if a parent unexpectedly found out their son or daughter had cancer? Connie and Martin Jordan know.

They are a special couple.

Connie is a metaphysical comedian. Martin is a professional psychic medium. Both of them have been involved in the New Age field for many years and both of them have experience in coping with the death of a child. Some would describe the story of this amazing couple’s healing journey as touching and others would use the term “inspiring.”

Coping with the Death of a Child – The Tragedy of Leukemia

The story of this couple’s journey begins around July 7th, 2007. It was on that date that Connie Jordan and her husband Martin started a blog for their son Andrew. The blog would end up following, in detail, the final days of Andrew’s time here in the physical world. Andrew was diagnosed with Leukemia on July 11, 2007. Leukemia is a deadly form of cancer. Roughly 15,000 new cases of Leukemia were reported by the American Cancer Society in 2008.

Andrew, like many children with leukemia, had both his parents with him every step of the way. In fact, the blog offers a rare inside look into the emotions of joy, love, and pain that parents can go through when dealing with losing a child. That blog also covers the aftermath of dealing with the death of a child.

Andrew Jordan was 16-years-old at the time of his passing on October 22, 2007. For many parents the intense grief of the loss a child would cause them to sink into depression. The Jordan’s, however, took a somewhat different perspective on the death of their child.

It’s All Good – Coping With Loss Through A Healing Celebration of Life

According to their blog, October 27, 2007 was the viewing for their son. Following the viewing was not just a service, but a celebration of Andrew Jordan’s life here in the physical world and the one that awaited him in the life beyond.

The blog states that Connie, Martin, and family and friends would drum, sing, laugh, and cry to the memories of their son. A eulogy was read that day. As a medium, Martin Jordan was capable of telling others what Andrew desired in his eulogy. A friend wrote as Martin spoke. In all, it was a very powerful experience that is still very vivid to the couple.

The blog continues, to this date, with the memories and the experiences of both Connie and Martin as they continue to cope with loss. It further explores beliefs that deal with their son now that he is in the afterlife.

Turning the Tragedy of the Death of a Child into a Healing Journey

It is largely due to the events that happened during their journey with their son Andrew that Connie and Martin Jordan were inspired to create International It’s All Good Day and The Only Love is Real Concert. Both are educational and healing events that the couple uses to guide, inspire, and teach “muggles” here in the physical world.

“Muggles,” incidentally, is the term that Connie uses for people that don’t really understand the world from a metaphysical or new age perspective. She borrowed the term from the Harry Potter series and continues to use it both in her comedy routines as well as in her interaction with people.

International It’s All Good Day – A Healing Celebration for the World

International It’s All Good Day is celebrated on October 22 every year. It is the day that, according to the couple, their son returned home. According to Connie, more and more people are becoming involved with International It’s All Good Day.

The name comes from a saying that Andrew consistently used while he was in the physical form. For Andrew, no matter how rough things were, he always found a way to say “It’s all good.” Connie Jordan and her husband Martin seek to keep this memory alive and to inspire people all over the world to celebrate the day with them. It is a day when, no matter what happens, a person finds a way to stay positive and just say “It’s all good.”

The Healing Power of the Only Love is Real Concert

Being a gifted musician as well as a medium, Martin has been listening to their son since the day of his crossing. Martin Jordan, along with the help from Andrew’s spiritual energy, has been composing music. This music, combined with the storytelling ability of his wife, has been put into a concert dedicated to healing the human soul. It is the story of their son’s life and death and the lessons that can be learned from it. The concert is called Only Love is Real. They currently tour the world, as Pure Heart, performing their music concert which continues to receive glowing reviews. They’ve even had the pleasure to perform for angel expert Dr. Doreen Virtue.

Healing After the Loss of a Child

Any parent that has experienced the loss of a child knows how difficult it is to find healing energy. Connie and Martin understand this and they hope to use their gifts, songs, and abilities to ease a little bit of pain and, ultimately, inspire those that have suffered any type of death related loss to begin their own healing journey. To this end, their concert also serves as a fundraiser for LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) with a percentage of their ticket sales going for Leukemia research.

John Culbertson had the chance to conduct an interview with Connie and Martin on August 25, 2009.

Psychic Medium Martin Jordan on His Profession

Q: Martin, how and when did you first realize you were a medium and how has it affected your life?

MJ: “I realized I was able to see to the other side ever since I was 4 or so. Not all of it was pleasant, but I now know that the reasons for that were ignorance and lack of education on the subject of death. I used to see people in my bedroom at night, some of them were sad and some were happy. Some of them could see me and some I believe could not.

I decided to try and get away from this energy later on in life because it wasn’t something that everybody believed in, but I knew at some point in my life it would awaken in me again. I am very grateful for this gift today. I know a lot more about it and it helps me stay in contact with those higher Spirits such as my son, Andrew.”

Connie Jordan on Her Profession

Q: What is your profession Connie?

CJ: “I’m a metaphysical comedian, this means my husband sees dead people and I make fun of them. I poke fun at my paranormal/metaphysical life, husband, and friends. I poke fun at the stereotypes people have about metaphysics.”

Q: What do you love most about being a metaphysical comedian?

CJ: “I love making people laugh, lifting their vibration, and shifting their consciousness. Laughter is the highest vibration, so to be able to make people laugh is a wonderful life purpose, it’s an important one.”

Q: What would you recommend to someone wanting to be a comedian?

CJ: “Someone looking to be a comedian of any kind, I recommend finding a stand up class and then do as many open mics as you can.”

The Couple’s Thoughts on the New Age Movement

Q: Connie, what do you dislike most about the New Age movement?

CJ: “Honestly, the posers, the wannabees. People that do not walk their talk or practice what they teach. It’s a real pet peeve of mine. I’m not real sure what can be done about it other than call them out on it perhaps.”

Q: How about you Martin? As a medium, what do you dislike most about the New Age movement?

MJ: “The New Age world I feel has fallen into a religious-like energy. I have come across many New Age people that are closed minded that they may as well be main stream. We really need to get back to basics with the movement of New Age. New Age is really Old Age. What happens with most New Age movements is that they follow the rules and procedures of a founder, or a group of founders. I prefer to find a personal path first, and then see if there are others that feel similar to me. Not people that think exactly like me, but the show enough of a difference to make it interesting.

I believe that the only thing that can be done about the downside of the New Age world is the teaching of tolerance. We don’t have to believe what others believe, but we must be tolerant of it. It’s kind of funny the way that people know that Buddhism is an Old Age philosophy, yet the people that practice it are called New Age.

To be properly considered a New Age movement, the word “religion/religious” needs to be removed from the title, and the politics be removed from the thought processes. Learn to feel more and think less. Thinking is in the realm of the ego, and there are way too many ego based religions and teachers out there already.

When you think you have a good idea, pass it to the heart for approval first. If this is something that you do not know how to do, then stop what you are doing and learn it. Learn it before you teach another student, or heal another client, please. This is the cornerstone of all pure and tolerant methods. Feel it before you think it. As a coach, I am much less interested in what you think about something and more interested in what you feel about it.

My basic advice to any new person seeking a path for your soul is to follow the path of your soul. If you have no idea, follow someone that has. Only do this until you start developing path and philosophy of your own. It is more exciting for me to be accepted by several diverse groups than to just be accepted by one.”

On Their Son Andrew Jordan and the Death of a Child

Q: Your son has been a great inspiration to not only you, but many. Could you share a bit of wisdom that he has passed along to you?

CJ: “One of the most amazing things he showed me is that no matter what is going on in your life, it is you that chooses to be happy or not. And he chose to be happy every day of his life, even while undergoing brutal leukemia treatment. It was amazing to watch his courage and grace through it all!”

MJ: “My son Andrew brought home the lesson that we can be in the presence of greatness on this planet, and not recognize it. As a species, man, does not allow himself to feel worthy enough of greatness, so he follows the path of greed.

Andrew knew he was an avatar, (master teacher,) a few of my closest colleagues had already brought this to my attention a few years before he crossed. Andrew knew that you don’t have to be old to be wise, and this is the first situation that needs rectification right now. His belief that when you start each day, you decide how its going to play out for you, by how you feel it will play out. If you decide to be happy then you will be happy. He proved this to me time and time again without fail whilst undergoing his Chemo treatments. I am blessed to have seen this first hand, as did others. In a nutshell, decide to be happy, and the rest will follow.”

Q: What advice would you offer to other parents that have experienced the loss of a child?

MJ: “To find true peace in any loss situation, you must be at peace with yourself. You seek out whatever brings you that peace. If you do not have a belief system in peace, find one. I believe if it makes you happy, then it has a deeper truth that most people understand.

Follow a good coaching program with new idea and new philosophy. If you believe something about the loved one and it brings you peace, hold onto that. If you are connected to something that makes you unhappy about the loss then it is not true for you. Find your truth, because truth is real and truth will lead you to peace.”

CJ: “Find a support system any where you can. Also, if they haven’t already done so, meditate to connect to their child’s energy because that is never gone! Allow yourself to feel the grief; it isn’t easy, but necessary in order to move through it. Also, acknowledge the signs their child is sending them, don’t explain them away. Just know you can still have a relationship with your child, it just may not be the way you want it to be. Be open to the endless possibilities. Focus on their essence, who they really are, for that never dies!”

International It’s All Good Day

Q: Please Give Some Information on International It’s All Good Day.

CJ: “I came up with IIAGD a few weeks before the first anniversary of Andrew’s journey home. I had to do something to change the devastating energy of that day for me. I didn’t want it to be a year since I had kissed him, hugged him. I wanted to create a new memory, a happier one. I wanted to honor Andrew and what he stood for. I wanted his message to get out there of no matter what, it’s all good. He lived it, he believed it, he breathed it.

[On] October 22, I just ask that people be happy on that day and no matter what happens say it’s all good! Word spread around the world last year. Australia, the UK, Japan, all around the US, people made a conscious effort to be happy all day, did something nice for someone, even just a smile or holding a door open. I figure if we all participate around the world as a collective consciousness, we can effect real change!”

Q: Would you care to share some insights/thoughts about what your future plans are for International Its All Good Day?

CJ: “My plans for International Its All Good Day are to have it be a recognized holiday not only in the US, but around the world. I’d love to see people having their own big IIAGD celebrations/festivals. By doing this, I’d like to see if we can spike the Earth’s magnetic field in a positive way that it can be measured from space!

Hay House author, Gregg Braden, speaks of this happening when collective consciousness is focused together. It happened twice in sorrow on August 31, 1997, Diana’s crossing and September 11, 2001. I’d like to see what would happen if we had a collective consciousness focused on only being positive and joyful for one day no matter what!”

Q: One last question please. What is PureHeart? Where did the name come from?

CJ: “When Andrew made his journey home, he was given the name Glan Croi, which is Gaelic for PureHeart.”

Readers that wish to learn more about Connie, Martin’s, and Andrews Journey check out the book No Regrets.


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