Is the Law of Attraction Real?

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

6 Personal Law of Attraction Case Studies

Is the Law of Attraction real, you ask? I can’t obviously speak for anyone besides myself, but I will tell you what I have experienced and what I know to have been true for me.

Case Study One: Personal Debt

Several years ago I was in a great deal of trouble because of some of my debts. I didn’t know about the law of attraction then, but I did know about the power of setting your intention. So, I sat my attention that I would get an extra $5,000 to pay off my debts.

I had no doubt in my mind that it would happen. A gift came to me from a family member. That gift was a rather large sum of money which I shall not disclose here. Bottom line: I had enough money to pay off that debt, and then some extra to live on.

So is the law of attraction real?

Case Study Two: Money to Start a Business

Back in the early 2000s, I stumbled across a chance to buy a business. It was a bookstore with existing inventory. At the time I didn’t have the money to outright purchase the business. I didn’t have $60,000. I didn’t have close to $60,000.

I had seen the movie “The Secret” by this time. If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, it basically talks about the law of attraction and how we attract things to us. We attract everything to us that we think and feel. If we think and feel negative, we get negativity in our life. If we think and feel positive, get more of that.

I used a good number of affirmations. Everything from “I own the store, and it is mine” to “Banks love me and want to loan me money.” Another of my favorite affirmations was “People love and adore me.”

Let’s make a long story short. After meeting with the owner, she decided to do some owner financing for me. I only needed to come up with $20,000 for a down payment, which a bank was very willing to loan me.

I had got the store that I had always wanted. With the help of the Universe/God energy, we made that happen. I believe anyone that believes and understands how the law of attraction can do similar things.

So, is the law of attraction real?

Case Study 3: The $100 friend.

Back then I had a good friend. He kept writing in a journal every day that “A 100 bill will find its way to me” Writing affirmations, incidentally, are a great way to work with the law of attraction.

As we were attending a class together one evening, a very generous millionaire came into possession of this journal. Without saying a word he took from his pocket a $100 bill and placed it on my friend’s chair while he was in the bathroom. Did the law of attraction work for him? Was the law of attraction real for him? I’ll let you decide.

Case Study 4: A New Job and Home         

My wife and I were determined to move. We both prayed and visualized every night that she would find a new job and that I would get a two-story house with a fenced in yard. Thankfully, my work follows me wherever I go, but as a teacher, finding employment isn’t always easy.

We arrived back in my hometown. She was scheduled to meet with the school board of the town. When she returned to the car, she wasn’t happy. They had informed her that all positions, even substitute positions, had been filled and that it was very unlikely any would be opening up soon.

As we say in the car wondering what we were going to do, her cell phone rang. It was the superintendent of a neighboring school district who had just happened to stumbled across her application. They arranged an interview for that day. Two hours later she had her job.

As we drove home with the excitement fresh in our blood, we drove by a house that just happened to be for rent. It had a wonderful fenced in yard. It was a single story with a living basement. Though technically not two stories, for all intents and purposes it appeared to be a two-story house. Especially, considering we placed our living room in the basement.

Is the law of attraction real? What do you think she believes?

Case Study 5: Unlocking a Car without a Key

While I was living in Charleston, Mo I was working on my bachelors in metaphysics. Our lesson was on affirmative prayer and how affirmative prayer works. Affirmative prayer, incidentally, is linked in with the Law of Attraction just as regular affirmations are.

One day I went to the doctor’s office. Little did I know or realize that I had accidentally locked my car keys in the car. When I came out and discovered this, I was almost in a panic. You see, I didn’t have any money at the time. In fact, there was barely enough to cover the co-pay with the Doctor. I knew that I couldn’t afford a locksmith. So I started my affirmative prayer.

To help make this long story somewhat shorter, I affirmed basically that I had unlocked the car without spending any money and without damaging the car, and that the right people were in my life, right now, that would help me to get those keys. I was clear-minded as I said my affirmative prayer and, more importantly, I had a new found iron will and determination that with my creativity I’d be able to accomplish my task of opening the locked car door.

What followed was an amazing journey and serious of synchronicities.

Immediately after finishing the prayer I realized my wife probably had a spare set of keys in her purse. I thought perhaps my wife had left her purse at home, so I walked to my landlord’s home so I could retrieve a spare key to get inside the house. Thankfully, the landlord was home and he gave me the extra key to get in.

I let myself into our house with that extra key and headed to the bedroom. Sadly, my wife’s purse wasn’t there. It was then that I remembered that the purse was left in the back seat of the car.

At this point, I said my affirmative prayer again. After finishing I thought perhaps I could learn how to jimmy open the car door. So I found a YoutTube video which taught this particular skill. Armed with my new knowledge, I went back to the car. A car which just happened to be right across the street from a hardwood store. I entered the hardwood store to get the tools I would need to practice my new skills. After talking with one of the managers I was given a long stick but was told they didn’t have the small doorstop I would need.

I repeated the affirmative prayer. On finishing, I noted that one of my neighbors was in line to check out. Following my gut intuition, I went over to her and said hi. She wanted to know how things were and I was honest with her – even telling her about my plan and what I lacked. She simply smiled and said to come with her.

A car ride later we ended up at the church. I didn’t know it at the time I spoke with her, but she worked at the church. She immediately took the doorstop for the door of the church and gave it to me. We drove back to my car and together we attempted to use my newly learned skills to jimmy the car door open. We kept failing. I just wasn’t very good at what I was doing. So I repeated the affirmative prayer. Shortly after a truck stopped to ask what we were doing.

I explained, again openly and honestly, to him my situation. My neighbor vouched for me saying she had known me for a couple of years and that she believed me to be an honest person. The man eventually explained to me how he had done some time in prison for being a car thief and that he could easily jimmy the car open. He just wanted to make sure it was really my car first, as he didn’t want to get into trouble again.

True to his word, he easily got the car door opened. I was able to get my keys and my wife’s purse and it ended up costing me $0.

What stands out about this story is a couple of things.

First of all, I had visualized clearly holding the keys in my hand.

Second the prayer was specific about what was going to occur.

Finally, I never faltered or gave up on the prayer or my belief that I would get those keys out of the locked car. I was also very intuned with the hints that God/the Universe kept supplying to me to help maneuver me to being at the right places at the right time to keep moving towards my goal.

Case Study 6: Japan…. Well, sort of.

The final case study is about me yet again.

One of my dreams has always been to travel to and even live in Japan. To this day it still is. It’s the one manifestation that is taking longest to be fulfilled. I share this with you because I want you to understand that, yes I believe the law of attraction is real and really does work, but I also believe that not everything happens magically as in the above scenarios. The above scenarios were extraordinary. In other words, they are not typical. What’s more typical is my experience with Japan.

You see, even though I haven’t officially got to Japan yet, I have been to many places that have Japanese themes.

For example, one night my wife and I pulled off the side of the road at a random hotel. We paid for our room. Upon checking in we discovered Japanese paintings on the walls, oriental style furniture, and Japanese-style lamps. No, I wasn’t in Japan, but it felt like I was there. Each time something like this happens I give a word of thanks and gratitude, as I know the Universe/God energy is working hard to bring this manifestation into my life. What most people would do, however, is take a look at that and go “Well, I didn’t really get to Japan. So the law of attraction must not be working.” This is a mistake! Any thinking like that resets all the work that has been done.

As human beings, we have no way to fully know how the Universe/God is setting up the events in our life to bring to us what we have asked for and requested.

Another example is the fact that I ended up employing an independent contractor that was a U.S. citizen living in Japan. (He was doing some long distant business consultation with me). Again, I gave thanks. I will continue to keep my mind and heart open and give thanks for the small things that may be leading to the bigger things.

Yet another example is the fact that my wife and I ended up hosting a Japanese foreign exchange student who not only shared her culture with us but gave us gifts from her country as tokens of thanks for hosting her for a year. In this case, I actually had someone from Japan living in my home and in some cases watching Japanese movies on TV and teaching me the beautiful Japanese language.

So is the law of attraction real?

I can only say that it has been for me.

The real question is, what do you believe?

After all, it is your beliefs that will determine and shape exactly how the Law of Attraction will and won’t work in your life.

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