Develop Psychic Ability Using Games

How to Develop Psychic Ability Using Games

Fun Activities That Improve Psychic Power

Developing psychic ability requires time and patience. There are, fortunately, many fun activities that a budding intuitive can engage in which will help develop their latent psychic power and enable them to have fun at the same time.

Psychic Abilities and the Remote Viewing Games

Remote Viewing is the practice of using the mind to look at distant people and places. Some psychic ability teachers will also call this long distance viewing.

To enjoy working with this psychic skill a developing clairvoyant can try two games:

  • Before meeting a friend, or anyone for that matter, the developing clairvoyant can make an attempt to see what that person is wearing. This includes type of clothing as well as colors. After the psychic student meets the person they can check to determine the accuracy of their premonitions.
  • The other remote viewing game is along the same lines only this time the developing psychic student is trying to determine what a location looks like prior to arriving. Again, trying to see as many details as possible is important. What color is the wall? Are there paintings? What furniture is in the room and where is it at in the room? What color is the furniture?

In both games it’s important for the student to make sure they actually write down what they see. It’s also important that they write down what the person or place really did look like. Comparing and contrasting the two becomes important for the subconscious mind to more fully be able to develop this psychic power.

Psychic Abilities and the Mental Telepathy Games

Telepathy is the psychic ability to communicate with another through the use of only the mind. Psychics use telepathy to communicate with other people, spirits, spirit guides, animals, and sometimes even plants. Developing this psychic skill usually requires a great deal of time and patience. In telepathy, there is always a sender and receiver. The psychic development student that is mentally talking is the sender and the receiver is the student that is listening.

To help speed up the development of telepathy a person can play the telepathy game. This game can be enjoyed in three ways.

First, the person can make Zener Cards. These are the ESP cards that are shown in the movie Ghost Busters. There is a symbol on each card. Star, wavy line, Square, and Circle are common examples. The Rhine Research Center has more information on these cards. Similar cards have been developed both in black and white and color. Some ESP cards even have different symbols (such as a triangle.)

The object of this first game is for one person (the telepathic sender) to correctly send the image from their own mind to the other person’s mind. The other person (the telepathic receiver) than verbally indicates what they received.

This psychic game can be expanded into the guess what’s on the mind game. The telepathic sender, thinks of a simple object (like an eraser) and tries to mentally communicate what the object is to the receiver. The receiver then describes what they see. Players should look for similarities between objects. For example, a pencil looks a lot like a straw in that it has the same basic shape.

Due to the difficult nature of this telepathy game and the fact that positive reinforcement is important, a telepathy student who says straw when the other sent a pencil is still considered partially correct. When the students are getting exact matches (aka hits) they can move on to yet another telepathy game.

The final telepathic game that a psychic development student can play puts telepathy into practical use.

As the student goes through the day they make an attempt to mentally ask other people to do certain tasks for them. For example, a developing psychic student could mentally attempt to ask their personal assistant to bring them a glass of water. Success here would be indicated ether by the assistant actually bringing the glass of water or by the assistant asking if the psychic student was thirsty.

Psychic Abilities and Psychometry Game

Psychometry is the psychic ability of reading energy, usually of an object. Some esoteric and occult schools, such as the Rosicrucians, also call this psychic power Vibroturgy.

To play the psychometry game a developing psychic needs a partner. The partner needs to find an object that belongs to someone that they know and bring it to the practicing psychic. This object should be placed in an envelope.

The practicing psychic holds the envelope and makes an effort to connect to the energy of the object. Through the process of asking themselves questions, the psychic then goes on to describe the history of the object as well as the person or people that have owned it. Common questions include:

  • Was the past owner male or female?
  • What color was the past owners eyes and hair?
  • What was the personality of the past owner like?
  • Where has this object been?
  • How would some of the past locations, which the object has been in, look like?

The person that brought the object takes careful notes on the information that the psychic development student gives. At the end of the session the two review the information to determine which psychic info was and wasn’t accurate. Again, it is the review that ultimately helps the subconscious and universal mind with future attempts. A word of warning here: it’s advisable to avoid using objects that are connected to a violent history.

The Joy of the Psychic Development Journey
These three games are just some of the fun activities that a student of psychic ability can experiment and have fun with. There are other entertaining games that a psychic development student can explore to continue to learn to control and make the most of their intuitive ability.

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