How to Call an Archangel

How to Call an Archangel

Though there are many Archangels, in metaphysics we typically focus on three. In this short article, we’ll discuss each of the most common Archangels, what they do, and how to call them for help.

Archangel Raphael – Angel of Healing

Raphael has long been known as the angel of healing. Traditionally people think of physical healing when picturing this angel. Raphael, however, excels at all forms of healing. This includes physical, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual healing too!

Raphael is especially helpful to people who are working through grief and depression. Typically, Raphael’s presence is felt as a whisper of wind or a slight breeze in the air.

Archangel Gabriel – Angel of Communication

Gabriel is known as the angel of communication. Gabriel is considered to be a messenger, both for God, but also for anyone that needs words and ideas to come across smoothly. Gabriel is an expert negotiator and diplomat. If you find yourself feeling misunderstood or find you have trouble understanding someone else, then Gabriel could be the answer to your dilemma.

Some people have even been known to invoke Gabriel right before bed and allow Gabriel to work throughout the night, sometimes communicating with another via their dreams, to resolve arguments, fights, and misunderstandings.

Gabriel’s presence is sometimes felt like a raindrop or the feeling of a chill running through the body.

Archangel Michael – Angel of Protection

Most people know and have heard of Archangel Michael. Michael is considered the guardian and protector of mankind. He is the most well-known archangel and in angel mythology, he is known for having defeated Satan and casting him out of heaven into the fiery underworld.

It is said that when Michael is around the air gets heavy and a feeling of warmth radiates throughout the body.

Michael can help cut cords of attachments, keep negative energy away, and help you make wise decisions that will make life easier for you. Michael is also said to be especially fond of children and widowed women – offering a degree of extra protection to them.

How to Ask an Archangel for Help

It is said that angels can only ever intervene in a human’s life under one of two circumstances. First, if they are in mortal danger before their time is up. In this case, they intervene in various ways to save the individual. In the second case, they will intervene if and only if a human directly asks them to intervene on their behalf.

Asking an Archangel to help is an easy task. You have but simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, and then say:

“Archangel (insert the name of the archangel), I give you permission to intervene in my life. Please help me by (insert your request). I know you already have started to work for me and I thank you for your assistance.”

Then forget about your request and go about your day normally, trust the angels to do their work.

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