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Can You Trust Phone Psychics?

A common question that many clients ask me is can you trust phone psychics? I usually smile and wait for them to say more so I know why they are asking the question and where they are coming from. Having been a psychic that has both done both private psychic readings both in person and by phone as well as a reader who has worked for one of the top psychic hotlines, I think I am well qualified to answer this question.

Can You Trust Psychic Phone Companies?

So what is the answer?

The truth is, it depends.

It depends on what you mean when you ask the question and it also depends on which psychic and/or company you’re using.

For starters you have to understand that like myself there are intuitive readers who do professional readings independently. There are also huge companies ran by corporations that hire a large number of people to do readings over the phone. Most independent readers, like myself, will typically do one on one private sessions by phone in addition to in person or email readings.

How Well Can Independent Psychics be Trusted?

When it comes to an independent reader how well you can trust them depends on a number of factors. How long have they been doing this work? Where did they learn or train? Do they have testimonials? Etc. Basically, the same things you would use to judge any businesses as trustworthy is what you’d use to judge an independent psychic as being trustworthy. Although you should read up on and be familiar with psychic fraud so you can protect yourself from it.

Most of your top professional readers are going to fall into this category. People like John Edward, the former Sylvia Brown, Michelle White Dove, James Praagh, Doreen Virtue, Christopher Penczak, the Long Island Medium, etc. Most of your psychics who are aspiring to reach this level in their career will fit in here too. These are the psychics people most often think about when they talk about getting a professional reading.

The Good and Bad of Psychic Phone Companies

What about companies that specialize in phone psychic readings? The so called psychic hotlines? Companies like, California Psychics, Hollywood Psychics, and others. Are they trustworthy?

Again, the answer is… it depends.

Most of these sites and companies work very hard to try to hire whom they think are the best in the business. Does that mean that all phone psychics on one of these lines are going to be right for you? No, of course not. Just like not all independent psychics will be right for you either. Does that mean the entire company should be avoided? No, I don’t think that either.

What I do think is that you have to be responsible in how often you use one of these psychic companies and you also have to learn how to absorb, but not judge, information.

There are actually many talented people working on some of these lines. They choose to work there as opposed to running an independent business for a number of reason. One of the biggest being the provided marketing and advertising that goes along with being associated with a big corporate company. Another reason is they feel like they have other professionals in their field they can connect with.

What’s the downside to these companies? There are some readers that, honestly, have learned the longer they can keep you on the line the more money you’ll end up spending. The more money you spend equals the more money they get paid. This also means there are some readers on these lines who purposely make things up to keep hopes alive and to keep someone talking – knowing that there is a payoff coming for doing so.

This is a problem you generally won’t have with an independent professional intuitive who does sessions from their office either in person or by phone or Skype.

Most independent professional readers charge a set fee for either a ½ hour or an hour of their time. Not a per minute fee. Some will even go a little over the amount of time you paid for with no extra charge. This typically happens when you’re needing a little extra lift. In this case there is no need to keep someone on the phone for a certain period of time in order to try and get more money from them. This also means there is no need to make things up or keep hopes alive. Instead, you get someone that’s more like a counselor or life coach who is usually genuinely interested in helping you to both improve your life and heal from the past.

Another thing that the big companies do which creates some minor issues is they only allow their readers to talk about certain things or topics. This is purely for legal reasons as a means of covering their own asses. Thankfully, independent readers aren’t under this restraint. We usually post a disclaimer and/or have a code of ethics we follow, but it’s usually nowhere near as limiting as the corporate world.

What the psychic companies truly have going for them is that because they are normally backed by huge corporations they are usually able to offer an unlimited number of refunds for unsatisfied clients. Thus you will keep being sent to a new reader until you are happy. Unfortunately, most independent readers are very limited in their ability to do this.

I actually prefer working as an independent reader as opposed to when I was working a psychic hotline. I find the quality of the session tends to be much better when there aren’t time restraints and policies that have to be worried about.

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