3 Tips to Improve Your Intution

3 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Intuition

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Tips for Developing Intuition

Some of us feel that we are intuitive persons. If you think that there are some things that you need to learn, exploring ways to improve your intuition can give you the satisfaction that you’ve long-been looking for. Each one of use uses intuition to some degree.

Intuition is connected to the third eye which perceives messages and energy from the higher self. It has the ability to absorb and tap past and future energy. Intuition can also come from the solar plexus area which is considered as the center of part of you “gut feelings.” The more “centered” you are, the more perceptive you become to your surroundings.

Many average people use their intuitions to develop everyday decisions. Choosing which way to travel to take or making fun guesses as to who’s to text you next use intuition. It can be tapped any time but people both for simple and everyday decision-making and for deeper insights. Below are three ways to help you improve your intuition.

  1. The first thoughts are your intuitive response. Pay attention to the first thing that comes to mind because this is a product of your intuition. The initial thought may vary – it may be an image, a set of words, or a symbol. The next string of thoughts that come through after are caused by the logical mind. Logical thoughts are more rational that your intuitive response. Since intuition comes from the “gut feeling,” your initial thoughts may be “to do something because you need to” or it could also be a question answerable by a “yes” or “no”.

  2. Be still. One of the most helpful ways to improve your intuition is to practice stillness. Doing so increases your entire connection with your surroundings and your intuitive abilities. To do this, find a quiet place and sit quietly. Pay attention to your natural breathing. Inhale, exhale, and unite with your breath. This allows you to “freeze” the mind of your persistent thoughts. Many things will come to mind while you’re in the middle of your concentration, simply slip these thoughts away and go back to reflection. Practicing this exercise and you will find yourself closer and closer to the universe.
  3. Ask. Questioning the surroundings is a very important aspect to improve your intuition. When you ask something, insights are developed. This facilitates energy to come back with a response. The response may be in the form of words or symbols.

Practice these three tips regularly and improve your intuition.

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