What You Learn in Psychic Development

10 Things You’ll Learn in a Good Psychic Development Program

Are you thinking about taking a psychic development program? Are you wondering what makes for a good psychic training program? Here are 10 things which you’ll typically find in a good program for enhancing your inborn intuitive powers.

01. How to do Meditation

Meditation is the most important thing you’ll learn as you work to develop your abilities. It’s only through the process of working with meditation that you’ll be able to learn how to separate your own thoughts from the thoughts of other people or spiritual entities. Additionally, only learning how to meditate will truly prepare your mind for the strength and work that it’ll need to do to be successful.

02. What the Chakras Are

The next most important thing you can learn after meditation is about the chakras. These energy centers influence a great deal both within you and around you. The chakras also control each of the various psychic abilities a person can learn to tap into.

03. Why Positive Thinking is Important

Positive thinking is equally as important as the chakras. Sometimes it’ll be framed from the perspective of the Law of Attraction, but regardless you should be learning how to control your emotions and your thoughts. Without positive thinking skills you won’t be able to reach the maximum level of proficiency that you’re capable of achieving.

04. How Energy in General Works

You will need a solid foundation in what energy is and the dynamics of how energy works. Without this foundation you’ll lack both the understanding of how psychic skills work as well as the reason people do and behave the way they do. You’ll also lack an understanding of your own inner world and motivations.

05. How to Do Straight or Natural Readings

You should learn how to do straight readings before you start working with tools like tarot cards or crystal balls. Straight readings involve reading and interpreting the energy, emotions, and thoughts around someone. You’ll fall back on this skill many times, especially when tools don’t appear to be working.

Psychic development is about learning to tap into both your inborn intuitive senses as well as use those senses to help improve both your life and the lives of other people. As such, when you reach the point of being able to do natural readings based only off of energy, you’ll be at a point where you can both help people understand things that are important for them to know as well as tune into those things which are important for you to know.

06. A Variety of Other Reading Tools

When tools do work they work really well. As such, you should be trained in a variety of divination tools and how to interpret them. This may include things like crystal balls, tarot cards, oracle cards, numerology, the I-Ching, pendulums, runes, or even astrology.

Many spiritual development courses will include at least one of these methods in the course itself and offer the study of several of the other divination tools as additional classes. Learn one really well first before jumping into learning another. Most students try to learn to much to fast and as a result they really never master what they are studying. This does not forebode well for them or the people they end up trying to help or work with.

07. How to Connect Safely with Spirit Guides and/or Angels

Ultimately you’ll want to be able to connect to and communicate with your own and other people’s spirit guides and angels. You’ll want to be able to do this in a safe and protective manner. The information you get from these spiritual beings can make all the difference between a good session and a great session.

You’ll also find that once you start connecting with your own spirit teachers that you’ll need to rely less and less on a human physical world teacher. There will come a point in your studies (or at least there should come a point) when you’ll no longer need your physical world teacher or mentor. This is a natural progression and something both you and your teacher should be prepared for and look forward to.

08. Some Energy Healing Modality

Many clients you work with and many people you encounter in your day to day life are going to be wounded and/or suffering. You should be taught how to use at least one healing technique. If you are trained in more so much the better. Reiki, Quantum Touch, Angel Touch, Aura Balancing, Therapeutic Touch, even distant energy healing are all possibilities here.

09. How to Heighten Awareness

The main thing you should be learning in any development course is how to increase your natural awareness for the extrasensory and paranormal aspects of life. It is this heightened sense of awareness that ultimately helps your abilities to improve and continue to grow. It also helps to teach you how to more easily tune into the energy of another person or spiritual energy.

10. Psychic Protections and Ethics for Psychics

Finally, no course designed to improve psychic abilities will avoid the topics of psychic protections or ethics for psychics. These two topics, though not as high on the list as others, are still very important topics that you should gain a mastery of.

Psychic self defense will help you protect your own energy from both other people that are negative as well as negative entities that you may find yourself dealing with at some point.

Ethics are important in any professional helping career. There are most certainly ethics that you should be aware of in this field too. Without them you risk harming yourself or another – which defeats the purpose of trying to help people in the first place.

In summary, if you find a program that has all of these topics chances are you’ve found a good quality program and one that should be explored. There are other factors that are important too. How long your instructor has been involved in the field. Who your instructor learned from. If there are any references for your instructor. In all, if the following topics are involved, however, you’re well on your way to a good start.

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