Seven Free Lessons in Psychic Development Introduction

Seven Free Lessons in Psychic Development

I want to welcome you to Seven Free Lessons in Psychic Development. A short course that is open to anyone. This seven-lesson intensive training in how to develop some of your psychic and intuitive abilities will be both educational and fun!

What is 7 Free Lessons in Psychic Development?

This short course is all about you learning to tap into your intuitive potential. It’s fun, easy, and those who participate will find their perceptions of psychic abilities and psychic readings changing.

What are We Going to Cover in the Free Seven Lessons?

The seven lessons focus on basic skills that are connected to psychic development.

Lesson one takes a look at positive thinking. You will explore why positive thinking is important, especially as it relates to psychic development.

Lesson two focuses on meditation and chakras. You’ll learn how to do basic meditation and why it is so important, especially in regards to psychic development. You’ll also learn about the chakras – what they are and why they are important to psychic development. You’ll learn a simple technique for opening and clearing all your chakras.

Lesson three is all about remote viewing. You’ll learn what remote viewing is and the techniques involved.

Lesson four focuses on energy. You’ll learn about energy including how to see/feel it and read it. You’ll also learn about some methods of protecting yourself from negative energy or bad vibes.

Lesson five continues the study of auras and energy. You’ll learn how to feel an aura and pay attention to subtle energy changes that occur around you.

Lesson six is all about a technique called psychometry. You’ll learn what it is and how to do it.

Lesson seven centers on a technique called scrying. This deals with getting symbolic information in various ways. You’ll learn a couple of methods for scrying and you’ll experiment with it.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
It will be!

Who can Participate in the Course?

This is great for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing psychic readings for years or if you’re totally new to the study of psychic development and energy, it’s a chance to explore, learn, and have some fun.

Setting Your Intention

One of the most important things that we as human beings can do is set our intentions.

When we set an intention we make a commitment to ourselves. That commitment is understood by both the conscious and unconscious mind. As a result, we tend to focus more on the intention and we end up many times following through with the intention.

Every day I try to set my intentions. I set my intention for the day, for the month, and for the year. I literally write them down and re-read them each day and many times at night before going to bed. This always helps to keep my focus and to keep my subconscious mind on track with my conscious mind.

When the subconscious and conscious work together we call this bridging. It gets this name because it’s like a bridge has been built between the two aspects of mind so that they can more easily work together to accomplish goals.

Bridging these two areas of the mind are a must to be able to connect more soundly to yourself, your higher self, and all other spiritual energies.

So start that process today!


Your first homework begins even before we get to the real first lesson! The homework here is to set your intention to complete the seven lessons and the homework that goes along with them.

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Regardless of if you’ve chosen to join the newsletter or not, I want to wish you best wishes and let you know that I look forward to working with you in these upcoming online seven lessons!

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