Free Psychic Development Lesson 1 - Positive Thinking

Seven Free Lessons in Psychic Development: Lesson 1 – Positive Thinking

Lesson One: Positive Thinking and What is a Psychic?

To some of you, this will seem like a silly first topic. To others, you will already know how important this topic is, but you’ll have difficulties with the lesson at hand. Still, others will acknowledge and be ready for the challenge which this lesson brings.

What is a Psychic?

So, before we really get into things, just what is a psychic? How is a psychic different from a parapsychologist? What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

If your idea of “psychic” is someone that is all knowing, you need to revise that idea right now else you’ll be very disappointed and furthermore, you will endanger yourself with the sessions you do have with a reader. There is no human alive that is all knowing. Period.

Regardless of what some people would like to think, a psychic is first, and foremost, a human being. This means that not only can they be wrong, but they WILL be wrong. This such an important concept to grasp, because it is only through errors that the subconscious mind is capable of learning, growing, and expanding. Additionally, one should never give all their power away to anyone – psychic or otherwise.

A parapsychologist serves the purpose of exploring and investigating psychic phenomena, the unexplained, and the paranormal. To do this, they must have a belief system which doubts everything. Otherwise, they are not capable of truly exploring these concepts in a logical and fair fashion. In doing so, they are attempting to discover truths and thus prove or disprove these things.

A psychic, on the other hand, is not here to doubt in the unexplained and paranormal. They are here to have total faith in a divine power that they believe provides to them insights into the nature of the world and other people. Additionally, they are here to believe in themselves and their abilities along with what they are receiving from the physical and nonphysical worlds. They are specialist in accessing their own feelings and intuitive insights and providing those feelings and insights to others. They are not, however, responsible for another person’s life and what they choose to do or not do with it.

A medium is someone that specializes in connecting to or with dead people. Almost every medium will be a psychic, but not every psychic will be a medium. Both the psychic and medium will need to have an iron-clad belief system in what they do to be successful at what they do – this, incidentally, is true of anyone and their chosen profession. Without belief, nothing is possible.

This brings us to the real lesson here in the first lesson. That lesson being on positive thinking.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is perhaps the most important part of learning to tap into your intuitive or psychic skills. You can have all the natural raw talent in the world, be able to understand and tune into people better than anyone else you know, and be capable of answering questions asked of you that prior to hearing the question you wouldn’t have ever figured you knew the answers; but without the ability to believe you are capable of being intuitive or psychic you will more often times than not fail to trust what comes to you.

Likewise, without positive thinking in any chosen area of life, it’s doomed to not being as successful as if there were positive thinking connected to it.

Positive thinking forms the foundation of so many things. The law of attraction, meditation, telepathy, remote viewing, channeling, mediumship, psychometry, scrying, healing, and so many other things require a positive mind frame first.

The average human being walks around having or hearing a negative thought consistently throughout their day. This bombardment breaks down the inner will and causes an individual to focus on the very things which they do not want to have in their life as opposed to focusing on the things they do want to have or even do.

If you want the secret to happiness and success, it’s 50% positive thinking and 50% taking action.

Nobody can be totally successful just by thinking themselves there. Nobody can be totally successful just by doing without any sort of thought processing. Everyone will achieve success when they learn to combine the two elements together.

This, in essence, is what must be done to become more psychic or intuitive. You must first believe and then second take action to practice, learn and develop.

How though? How does one become more positive? How does one believe?

Methods and Techniques to Improve Positive Thinking

There are many techniques and ways to enhance this attribute in yourself. I provide only a few suggestions here, but they are ones which have worked well for me in the past.

The Affirmation Journal and the Psychic Journal

I started both an affirmation and psychic journal many years ago. In the affirmation journal, I wrote down affirmations that were important to me. Such as – “I am loved and give love easy and effortlessly” and “I am growing in my psychic abilities more and more each day”. I read these nightly before bed and in the morning when I woke up. I still do. The affirmations will change over time, especially as you accomplish some of those things which you are affirming, but this is where I started.

The psychic journal is a journal you keep where you write down every single psychic event which happens to you. For example, you “guess” the outcome to a sporting event, you “guess” how a person is going to be dressed before you see them, you “accidentally” go the wrong way only to have a nice surprise or later find out that if you would’ve gone your normal way there would’ve been a huge traffic delay making you late, etc. At first, it may seem like it is hard to find psychic events which are occurring in your life, but through the process of doing this exercise more and more, events begin appearing as time goes by.

Self Correction

Another thing I use to do is catch myself having negative or bad thoughts then change them. When I heard in my head “You won’t ever be able to do that” I would change it to”You can do anything you put your mind to.” When I heard “Nobody loves you” I would correct it and say “Everyone loves and cares for me in their own way” when nothing good was happening and it seemed like my world was falling apart I’d say “Something better is on the way and this has to happen for me to get there.”

This process helps tremendously with taking control of your mind, but more importantly, it shows you that you are in charge of yourself and your life, an important lesson to master in life.

Correction from Others

Having a friend, spouse, family member, or someone you trust correct you is also important. It’s best to get someone in on this that is by nature a positive thinker. But the idea is that when you are around them and you say something like “I wish I had extra money” they will immediately respond with “Why can’t you?” Or if you say out loud “I’m always going to be a failure” they will respond “Yes you will if you keep telling yourself that” and so forth.

Is it frustrating? Yes! Horribly!!! It’s also, however, a great teacher. The frustration comes from the fact that you’re being held accountable for your thoughts and your own life. You will be tempted to lash out at your partner, but you shouldn’t. The only reason you’ll be tempted to lash out is that you are having a hard time accepting the fact that they are right. Once you accept that fact, you can own your power and begin to truly make changes in both your beliefs and your life

Hopefully, you can see by now how important this positive thinking thing is. We’ll be returning to it later. Right now, you simply need to understand that if you don’t believe it’s possible, it won’t be possible.


Consider how this lesson has impacted you and what you plan to do now with the information in it.

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