Free Psychic Development Lesson 6 - Psychometry

7 Free Lessons in Psychic Development – Lesson 6: Psychometry

In this lesson, adapted from one of the chapters of my book Improve Your Intuition, you are going to take a basic look at the psychic ability of psychometry.

Psychometry is the psychic ability of holding and reading the energy of an object. Some esoteric groups like the Rosicrucian Order and Golden Dawn will call this vibroturgy because it deals with connecting with the vibrations that surround the object. All people do psychometry naturally, they just don’t realize they are doing it.

An example of the natural use of psychometry can be seen when we go shopping. As we browse through the aisles, we pick up items that interest us. Those items give us a certain feeling, and often we will buy an item if it feels good or right. For example, you may pick up a new comedy DVD. As you pick it up, glance at it and read the back, you may laugh and tell yourself, “This seems pretty funny.” You take it home and sure enough, it’s a pretty funny movie. Or, the reverse can happen; you may pick one up and think, “Yuck, this can’t be that good,” and if you do take it home, you will discover that you were right. Of course, there are the occasional times when we are wrong. As has been taught repeatedly, we are humans. For the most part, however, we will discover our natural hunches and feelings are correct.

How Does Psychometry Work?

Well, objects retain energy and memories from the people and places with which they have had contact. Think of it as an energy imprint left behind. A psychic need only link into the energy of the object to gain the ability to read the object’s history and memories. Some of these memories may be emotions while others may come in the form of images. Some memories may be auditory in nature while others may contain a scent. This is where our attentiveness comes in handy; you never know how a memory will present itself to you.

Many who bring an object and request psychometry have no desire to learn of the object and its memories. They often want to know about the person who owns or owned the object. This can be done through a process called “surfing.”

Surfing is when a psychic connects with an energy and follows the energy link from one person, place, or object to another person, place, or object which has been connected to the original energy.

You need only connect to the object’s memories and then “surf” that energy link back to the object’s owner. However, if a person truly wants you to read an object in this way, you must first be sure that the person about whom you are seeking information and the object share a strong connection. For example, a penny from a person’s pocket is unlikely to yield any real information. A military dog-tag, on the other hand, will yield much more information.

When working with objects that were connected to a violent situation, such as that dog tag, it’s important that you do extra protective work and mentally prepare yourself for what you may encounter. There is nothing quite as shocking, for example, as picking up a leather jacket for a reading and feeling as though you’re being shot full of holes because the jacket’s wearer, unbeknownst to you, was murdered.

Because vibrations tend to cling to objects for long periods of time, and because objects retain memories, we must realize a few things at this point.

First, be careful when shopping for antiques or pre-owned items. It’s possible that wearing clothing worn by another over a long period of time may cause you to take on that person’s behaviors. At the very least, you may find yourself thinking of unusual thoughts. This is usually energy from a previous owner still tied to your object and affecting you. Feng Shui says if you don’t like something or if it doesn’t feel good to you, you shouldn’t wear it or bring it inside your home.

Second, it’s important to know about energy clearing. The same technique that is used in energy clearing to clear a house can also be used to clear an object. When you clear an object (or a room for that matter), realize that even though you’re eliminating negative vibrations, the associated memories will still remain. It may, for all intents and purposes, feel better; but memories of past events will linger on. These deep memories can still be read by a skillful psychometrist. The only way to get rid of a memory is through magick, the required skills of which are beyond the scope of these lessons.

When you perform psychometry, you will follow a method or technique.

That method involves connecting to the energy and asking yourself questions about the energy. As you ask these questions, you will either get feelings, hear answers, or see things inside your mind’s eye. All of these things provide some extra insight and information to you about the object and the energies connected to the object.

It’s also important to now understand the nature of trance. You’ve probably heard of things such as trance-channeling and trance mediumship. When a person goes into a trance state they relinquish control of their physical bodies and allow something else to perform the session for them. This isn’t safe!

If you find yourself losing awareness as you perform any psychic work, psychometry or otherwise, it’s important that you pull yourself back. You should always be able to maintain awareness of what is going on around you.

Clearing Objects

Finally, before we run to play with psychometry, let’s talk about how to clear objects.

Remember how I said that even though you can’t eliminate an object’s memory you can cleanse it of attached negative vibrations and feelings? Well, there are several ways to do this.

First, provided the object is waterproof, you can let running water cascade over the object. This is similar to washing your hands of excess energy. In the same way, running water can clear excessive energy from an object.

The second method is smudging. Smudging is a cleansing technique of the Native American tradition. By burning herbs, such as sage or incense, you clear negative vibrations or excessive energy from an item. Ideal scents for this purpose include anything from the tree family such as pine or cedar.

Another method is with the use of sea salt or kosher salt. This salt has a powerful cleansing effect. Fill a bowl with sea or kosher salt, place the object into the salt for a moment and it will be cleaned. You can do the same thing with your hands if you feel as though you need a little extra cleaning or clearing.

Finally, there are certain stones and crystals that help cleanse objects. These include hematite and black onyx. Holding these stones or placing them in contact with the object has a cleaning and clearing effect. Add a clear quartz crystal if you wish to amplify the power of the cleansing stones.

Now that all that is out of the way, let’s look at the exercise for doing psychometry, or vibroturgy.

Performing a Psychometry Session

Make sure you use your psychic protections and relaxation ritual prior to engaging in this exercise. Once protected and relaxed, take three deep breaths.

After the three deep breaths, pick up the object on which you want to perform psychometry. Do not focus on what the object looks like, but rather allow yourself to drop down into the vibration of the object. To do this, close your eyes and visualize a color. Once you can see or feel that color clearly, mentally think of yourself as going through that color. This, in effect, will allow you to merge deeply with the object.

Once merged with the object, ask yourself how you feel. In other words, take your temperature and test whether you feel safe. If all checks out, continue with the session and merge even deeper with the object.

Take a deep breath, and exhale gently. On the exhale, think of yourself as going into the object. As you do this, pay special attention to everything you see and feel. These will be some of the memories the object possesses. Don’t forget to take charge of your session by asking yourself questions. Remember, you won’t get answers or information if you stop asking yourself questions.

Some questions you may ask are: What is this object’s best memory? What’s this object’s worst memory? Who was the last person connected to this object? What did they look like? Who was important to them? Where did they live or work? Has this object been in more than one location? What were its other locations like? How does the object feel currently? How does the last person connected to the object feel? What does the future look like for the last person connected to the object?

Keep in mind these are only a sampling of questions you can ask. See what your own mind brings to you and trust where your inner guide is leading you.

When you are done with the session, break the link by shaking out your hands. Ground the energy by either putting your hands on the floor or by washing them. Then, if possible, see what sort of information you can get about the object and the last person connected to the object. See how accurate your impressions were.

Sometimes when attempting to describe the last person connected to the object, you will instead pick up the person most strongly connected to the object. Just go with it. Let yourself be open to the possible corrections the universe may bring your way and let them help you and your subconscious mind learn and grow.


Make an attempt to practice some psychometry before the next lesson. If you don’t have anyone that is willing to loan you an object to practice on then consider trying it randomly in a library, store or while you’re out and about. Remember to take note of everything you experience, as all are important.

You’re doing a great job! Only one more lessons to go!

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