Free Lessons in Psychic Development Lesson 5 - More Psychic Energy

7 Free Lessons in Psychic Development – Lesson 5: More Energy and Auras

Last time in our Free 7 Lessons in Psychic Development Series we talked about what an aura is, why the aura is important, how to fix and repair a damaged aura, and how to start looking at the world from an energy perspective. Today, we will discuss how to feel the aura and sense energy.

Sensing Energy

Everything has a different type of energy. Some energies share similarities, but all are different. Your energy, for example, is unique to only you. Nobody else in the whole world, not even an identical twin, can have your same energy signature.

Emotions are a type of energy. Thoughts are a type of energy. Spiritual beliefs are a type of energy. Though every living thing can have and use these types of energies, their own individual energy is unique to them.

Perhaps the easiest human energy to understand is that of emotion. When you come across someone who is angry, you can feel the anger. You may feel the urge to run in the opposite direction or it may feel as though you need to prepare for a battle, but you know what anger feels like when it radiates from another person.

The same is true of all types of emotions, good and bad. When you naturally pick up emotions from or share similar feelings with an emotional person, you are said to be an empath. An empath is someone who is naturally talented with the intuitive ability of empathy.

We can both pick up and project out emotions. Projecting an emotion is no harder than sending any other telepathic message. Projection is simply a matter of feeling an emotion, sending it to its destination and letting go. If used properly, this means you are capable of uplifting another person’s mood by being in a happy mood yourself and projecting that happiness. The same is true with calming others. You can have a calming effect on others simply by feeling and maintaining a calm energy yourself and then sending it out. This is true for any emotional energy, from anger and depression to excitement and joy.

Because emotions are a type of energy, this energy typically lingers in a room once it is expressed. This is the reason we often need to clear and cleanse areas. It also underlines the significance of emotions trapped in environments and how these environments can impact people. Consider, for example, a military museum housing Holocaust artifacts. This is a very depressing energy and yet, if we search inside the energy, we will find rays of hope embedded within the objects. The process of reading the energy of an object or room is called psychometry, or vibroturgy. We will work on this intuitive skill in the future.

The easiest way to feel different emotional energies is to get a collection of different music CDs from various categories. Make sure the songs vary from happy and upbeat to depressing or angry. Find an empty room in the house and play one of the CDs. Once the music starts playing, leave the room for five minutes. While away from the room, spend a few moments taking three deep breaths to balance yourself. Focus on how you are feeling prior to entering the room with music playing.

We call this process of determining our true feelings “taking your temperature.” You should take your temperature often to gauge your feelings. Taking your temperature also helps when experiencing a change in mood so that you can discern whether the feeling is yours or a feeling empathically picked up from someone or somewhere else.

Re-enter the room and allow yourself to get into the music. How do your feelings change? How do you feel now versus how you felt before you came into the room? Practice working with “taking your temperature” often and you’ll start to realize how often you pick up emotions and, even better, you’ll start to understand where and why you are picking them up. This will, in the long run, allow you to attain better emotional self-control, which is a goal of many esoteric and mystery schools.

Emotions aren’t the only type of energy though. Thoughts and spiritual beliefs are also energy. In fact, your every thought vibrates energetically at a specific frequency. The reason the law of attraction works is due to a physics principle called resonance.

The Law of Resonance

Resonance explains how a pitch, reaching a certain frequency, causes similar frequencies to vibrate as well. There are many scientific experiments for determining resonance. You are encouraged to explore and investigate them. Once you understand scientific resonance, you’ll understand the law of attraction; how a thought, vibrating at a certain frequency, can attract not only that same thought but things on a similar frequency band. For this reason, you should always try to catch yourself when you are having negative thoughts and work to change them into positive ones. Only then will you be capable of living the life you’ve dreamed of.

Now that we have looked at how to sense other energies and have taught you a method for working with and identifying emotional energy, let’s move our attention back to the aura. You have reached the point where you need to experiment with sensing and feeling your own aura.

Sensing your Own Aura

Sit in a quiet room in a relaxed state with your palms face up on your lap. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Use your worry container and then perform the relaxation ritual.

Once you are in the alpha state, visualize and focus on a white light atop your head. Allow this light to move throughout your body, energizing it. Feel it move down your arms, and out through the palms of your hands.

Extend your hands in front of you so that your palms face each other about a foot apart. Focus on the skin of your hands and try to feel its vibration. For some it may feel buzzy, for others tingly; still, others will experience it as a sensation of heat or cold. There is no wrong thing to feel so long as you are aware of what you are feeling.

Slowly bring your hands together. As you do, try to feel the pressure between them. Keep bringing them closer, but do not allow them to touch. If they touch the energy will dissipate.

When they are almost touching, pull them apart slowly. Keep trying to feel the sensation of pressure, like you have goo or taffy between your hands.

When your palms are about a shoulder-width apart, start to slowly bring them together again. Keep searching for that feeling between them.

Practicing this enough will eventually lead to success and you’ll begin to feel more and more resistance between the palms of your hands. That resistance is your own aura.

Once you can feel the resistance and you are able to sense your own aura, you can start playing with the energy between the palms of your hands. I usually have my students take this energy, form it into a ball and roll it around. I also have students turn one hand so the back of it faces the palm of the other. How does this change what you feel? How about if you switch and try it with the other hand? Does that make a difference? Try to take this built up energy and roll it over your arms. What does this feel like?

Again, paying attention is your main goal. You aren’t manipulating the energy; you’re simply feeling whatever you feel and noticing how those feelings change with various different actions.

I can’t emphasize enough that all people feel energy differently and that there are no right or wrong ways that you should feel the energy. The only problem is if you feel nothing. In that case, you most likely need to spend more time working on the material from the beginning of my book, Improve Your Intuition.

Remember the following when it comes to your own physical body: the front of your body is mostly generative, and the back of your body is most receptive. Likewise, the left side of your body tends to be receptive while the right side tends to be generative. This is true regardless of which hand you primarily use. The back of your neck is the most receptive place on your physical body. You should never allow a stranger to touch the back of your neck or put their arm across your shoulders; too much manipulation may occur.

Likewise, you should practice cupping the palm of your right (generative) hand over the back of your neck. Notice the difference between when your hand is cupped over your neck and when it isn’t. When it is, you should feel safer and more content than when it isn’t. This is a great exercise while driving (many of us do it naturally) or when around many people. Take note of how you feel both before and after cupping your hand over the back of your neck.


Practice “take your temperature” and pay attention to how your feelings and thoughts change from person to person and location to location. Also, please take time to work more on sensing and feeling your own aura. Welcome to the wonderful world of energy; things only keep getting more interesting from here!

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