Free Psychic Development Lesson 4 - Auras and Energy

7 Free Lessons in Psychic Development – Lesson 4: Intro to Auras and Energy

Understanding the Aura
This week we begin on the very important topic of the aura.

First, we must define what the aura is.

The aura is a field of energy that surrounds all living things. Some would argue that the aura also surrounds non-living things, but as a relative novice in metaphysical studies, it is easier to think of aura as merely surrounding all living things.

In the past, I have compared the aura to the shell of an egg.

The aura surrounds a living thing to keep its life force from escaping. We have proof of the aura in biofeedback technologies and Kirlian photography. Both have shown us the energy field around us. We do not know, however, what the aura does scientifically.
From a metaphysical perspective, we assume that the aura interacts with us, helping us to gain or lose energy.

The Parts of An Aura

There are three parts to the aura.

They are the etheric aura, the astral (non-physical) aura, and the auric wall.

The auric wall is the easiest to explain: is the aura’s boundary. If the aura were breached with a hole, you would see the hole within the auric wall.

The second easiest to explain is the etheric aura.

It is very similar to the skin of humans, animals, and trees. Note, even though trees don’t have skin, they have the equivalent of human skin in their bark.

Usually, this part of the aura is white or pale in color and it can be seen with the naked eye. It typically stands a few inches away from the skin/fur/bark.

Finally, there is the astral aura. This is the part of the aura spoken of when people ask, “What color is my aura?”

The astral aura is beyond the etheric aura but within the auric wall. It tends to vary in size from very small to very large. The people who attract attention every time they enter a room typically have a large astral aura. The same is true of natural extroverts and highly social people.

Conversely, introverts and shy people tend to have astral auras which go unnoticed to those not actively searching for them.

Understanding the Aura’s Connection to Energy

This concept of the aura is our basic building block for understanding energy.

Consider what happens when two auras come into contact with each other. One will either allow the other to invade, both will cooperate to form a middle ground, or an energy battle will take place.

One aura overtaking another can be either good or bad. It can be bad because it makes it easy for one person to manipulate, control and take the life force of the other. On the other hand, overtaking an aura can be used to help someone learn or to provide additional energy and support when it seems there is none.

An example of this would be a teacher sitting beside a student to help with homework and the student suddenly getting the hang of the lesson. Both auras here were touching and the teacher’s dominated or influenced the students.

Another example is how a controlling husband who stands near an abused wife prevents her from speaking her mind even without having to do anything at that moment to make it happen.

Perhaps the best example is the immediate improvement seen when a friend hugs a suffering friend.

These are all examples of one person’s aura coming into contact with and overtaking another.

When two auras cooperate, they exchange energy equally.

For example, when two lovers sit down to calmly work through a problem, their exchanged energy aids the situation.

Another example would be players on a sports team acting in sync; their energy acts as a cooperative whole and that makes the team compete on a higher level.

Finally, we have the scenario of the energy battle. This occurs when two people with opposing viewpoints each refuse to bend to the other. A clash occurs, each attempting to overtake the other energy while working to prevent their energy from being overtaken. These battles continue until either one person’s aura weakens and allows it to be overtaken by the others or until one gives up and allows the other to win.

It’s interesting to note that plants don’t usually compete for energy. Only humans and animals do. This means plants and trees are a great source for connecting with and receiving an energy boost, especially if you provide them with energy in return.

At this point you should understand:

  • Energy is a part of everything within our physical and non-physical worlds.
  • People unconsciously seek energy when they feel stressed or tired.
  • These people sometimes attempt to overtake an aura via an energy battle in the hope of replacing their lost energy.
  • Remember that fear is one of your worst enemies.
  • While in the physical world fear serves an important purpose, in the non-physical world, invocation of fear is an attempt by another to engage in an energy battle in order to siphon your energy. If this negative person wins the energy battle, they will obtain free access and control over your energy. Ideally, we shouldn’t allow this to happen.
  • Additionally, it’s important to know that we do not need to engage others in energy battles to get what we want or need. When we focus on cooperative methods of energy exchange or when others freely allow our aura to penetrate theirs, then we accomplish more of an energy exchange than we would through battle.

Looking at it From Another Point of View

From a telepathic point of view, every thought we send must connect with the recipient’s aura. In fact, any intuitive impression we receive ultimately has to connect first with the aura.

It’s important to begin considering the world from this energy perspective. This will change the way you view everything forever.

Why do two siblings fight? Almost without fail, it results from one wanting energy the other doesn’t want to give.

Of course, there are other ways to get energy if only we simply move beyond the belief that we must siphon energy from others. When we don’t consider other options, we narrow ourselves and are forced into a lifestyle that is unhealthy for us and those around us.

Additionally, forcing others to submit to our energy-hungry perspective eventually ruins relationships and friendships. Always remember that every person is free. As long as a person’s actions cause no harm to others, they should be left alone.

Most of our sicknesses are caused by a weakened aura or an aura with holes in it.

These holes allow access to the chakras that form the basis of our entire energy system. Eventually, the chakras get dirty or blocked because of holes in the aura; this, in turn, leads to illness or disease.

How to Fix or Repair an Aura

To repair a weakened or fractured aura we need plentiful sleep and/or a deep and refreshing meditation session.

How much sleep is required to repair the aura? We honestly don’t know; it depends on the person. Some can sleep for thirty minutes and feel totally recharged whereas others will need a full eight hours of sleep. It is important to listen to yourself and your body; your individual requirements are unique to you. Learn what works for you and then stick with it.


For your homework, this week, keep track of energy interactions that occur to you and that you see occurring around you.

Try to identify when someone has their aura taken over by another.

See if you can identify two auras cooperating and forming a common ground.

Try to spot energy battles and notice how differing tactics, actions, and reactions impact those energy battles.

Make an attempt to make your astral aura larger at different times throughout the day, such as when you are standing in line at a store. See what effect this increased astral aura has on others. Likewise, attempt to shrink your astral aura as small as possible and see if you can go unnoticed.

Start to become hyper-aware of energy and energy interactions and you will soon realize that you are not living in the same world you thought you were living in.


A common question students typically ask me at this point concerns how to shrink or enlarge your astral aura.

The best way to shrink your astral aura is to visualize yourself as a turtle and watch yourself pull your energy into your shell. By now you should understand that all thoughts affect the physical world. Thus, if you visualize your energy going into a shell, it will shrink down.

Likewise, to enlarge your aura think of yourself as being able to reach out past the heavens and into the universe and becoming part of the atomic structure of the Universal Mind.

Do these before entering a room full of people you don’t know and see what if anything happens to you. Try one after the other and see what effect it has on you, the room, and the people in the room. Keep your results in your journal.

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