Free Psychic Development Lesson 3 - Remote Viewing

7 Free Lessons in Psychic Development – Lesson 3: Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is one of the first skills that beginning psychic development students will learn. It sometimes goes by other names, including long-distance viewing. In today’s lesson, we are going to spend some time talking about remote viewing.

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is the process of using your imagination or mind’s eye to look at or view another location, object, or place. There are a lot of rumors about the history of remote viewing. The facts are as follows:

  • The United States Government researched remote viewing along with other “psychic phenomena” in their Stargate project starting back in the 1970s.

  • The project was canceled in 19995 after no “useful” information had been revealed.

  • It was in the mid 19th century, however, that scientist started studying psychic phenomena.

  • Joseph McMoneagle is the most well-known person associated with Remote Viewing.

  • McMoneagle worked on the Stargate project and was awarded a Legion of merit after having successfully determined 150 essential elements of information.

  • Science has currently basically dismissed the idea that information can be gained by virtue of remote viewing. The reason for this is due to several tests that have been conducted with no “real results” occurring.

We, in the psychic and new age community, study remote viewing as we believe like any skill, it can be honed and improved upon. Despite what science may currently say, we believe that the possibilities are there to expand upon this ability and grow it. Like anything, we believe that practices brings results and thus encourage others to practice this very important skill.

Additionally, remote viewing is a foundational technique in psychic development. In other words, without the practice of remote viewing one is less likely to develop the other skills necessary to gain psychic or intuitive information. It is one of those building blocks that helps to enhance other skills that are learned.

How do you Practice Remote Viewing?

Learning to remote view is a simple process of closing the eyes, thinking about your target, and letting the images come to you. Though there are various techniques one can use to enhance remote viewing, the method of closing the eyes, drifting into an alpha brain state, and letting the images come is perhaps the simplest.

It’s the practice of remote viewing that makes a difference. Having a willing partner to practice remote viewing with goes a long way in helping both participants improve their results.

Essentially, one person selects a target for the other. The one doing the remote viewing has no knowledge on this target ahead of time. They may be told if it’s a person, place, or thing, but they are given no details.

The Remote Viewer then closes their eyes. Using meditation or self-hypnosis they enter the alpha or theta brain level, they then progress to ask themselves questions such as “What does this person look like? Are they tall or short? How much do they weigh? What color is their hair? What are they wearing? Etc. They record each answer as it comes to them.

They then get together with the other person and compare information to discover how right or wrong they were. Each attempt and practice session, no matter the results, aids the subconscious mind in improving.

Of course, the questions would be different if trying to remote view a location or object.

Typically it’s recommended to start small and work your way up to bigger things. For example, you may want to start by trying to remote view the shirt of your friend before seeing them as opposed to trying to remote view their entire appearances.

Or you may want to try to remote view what the outside of the front of the house looks like as opposed to what the entire inside of the house looks like.

If you start small and work your way to bigger, you’ll be building your remote viewing muscle in a natural manner as opposed to trying to bombard it with all the information at one time – many times which is counterproductive.

How Can Remote Viewing be Practically Applied?

I’ve used remote viewing in my personal life in several ways.

First, it’s great to check out people and places before meeting up with them. It’s good for getting a sense of what you may be going into and what sort of mood people might be in before you interact with them.

Second, if you have animals or children, it can be good for checking in on them and making sure they are okay.

Finally, though I’ve not had much success with it in this manner – I do know people that have used it to successfully find missing or lost objects.

Recommendations for People That Want to Learn More About Remote Viewing

Of course, Joseph McMoneagle’s books are a great source of information. Some of my own teachers have sworn by his work.

I personally studied remote viewing and remote influencing through the Academy of Remote Viewing. Though the programs are pricey, they did an exceptional job with me and opening up my mind to the possibilities with remote viewing.

In case you’re curious, remote influencing is the process of changing the world and is similar to working with the law of attraction, only in a different manner.


The homework for this lesson is pretty simple.

Find a friend and work on remote viewing. The best way to work on this skills together is for you to take turns trying to see (remote view) what the other is wearing before meeting up with each other.

You can also take turns hiding an object somewhere in the house and working to try and see (remote view) what the object is and where it is at. Such as the room, the location in the room, what’s around the object, etc.

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