Free Psychic Development Lesson 2 - Meditation

7 Free Lessons in Psychic Development: Lesson 2 – Meditation and Chakras

When it comes to developing your inborn psychic skills there are two things that are a must. That is the practice of meditation and chakra visualization. Both ideas and techniques come from the eastern part of our world and both will accelerate your development both as a human being and as a spiritual practitioner.


Meditation is all about silencing the mind. It’s not, as some people believe, about getting information from a higher power or your inner self. It’s about training the mind to listen to you and do as you command. It’s not focusing the mind so that it doesn’t get distracted by all the outer world chaos that is part of daily life.

There are many different types of meditation. The most common type you’ll hear about is pranic meditation – sometimes called still breath meditation and other times referred to as simply sitting meditation. Though there are other forms of sitting meditation that is not pranic in nature.

Prana refers to life force energy. It’s the energy that is in our world and all around us. It’s the blood of your soul and, like oxygen, is required to live and thrive.

How to Do Prana Meditations

Prana Meditation is done through a simple process. That process involves breathing. It involves paying attention to your breathing. Before you begin, there are some things you should do to make sure you get the most out of your meditation.

  • Make sure you won’t be disturbed or interrupted by either people, phone calls, email, TV, children, or animals.
  • Sit with your back as straight as comfortably possible.
  • Make sure you’re not wearing tight clothing or that jewelry is not restricting you.
  • In the future, you can light incense if it helps set the mood and you can play music, provided it’s a soft and light melody of music.
  • Do the meditation with your eyes closed, as it will help to focus the mind and silence outer world thoughts.
  • If you find your mind being distracted by something in the outside world, when you catch it being distracted, gently guide it back to the meditation at hand. Do not criticize. Do not be disappointed. Do not feel like you’re doing something wrong. In time, the mind learns to stay more and more focused without interruption.
  • If you itch, scratch it. Ignoring it is only going to lead to more distraction.

How to Relax

Relaxing is very important to do prior to meditating. Ideally, you should do some form of progressive relaxation. You can use the one in the audio below or you can do your own, but you should work on relaxing your entire body for at least 10-15 minutes before meditating.

The Meditation

Now, to perform your prana meditation, simply breath in through your nose for a count of 6. Hold for a count of 3. Exhale through your mouth for a count of six. If the count of six is too long for you, try a 4, 2, 4 count.

Do this a few times to get into a rhythm. In, hold, out. In, hold, out. Etc.

Once you have the rhythm down, you can progress to the second half.

As you breathe in through your nose feel your lungs and chest expanding and imagine the air coming in through your nose is filled with positive energy and is a beautiful light.

As you hold, imagine that the beautiful light and positive energy is circulating through your entire body – charging and refreshing it.

As you exhale, imagine old black negative energy leaving your body through your mouth.

Do this a few times.

The final part involves just sitting in silence following your breathing.

Altogether, the relaxation exercise and prana meditation should take you no more than 15 minutes.

Through repeated use of this exercise, you’ll find your mind is functioning better and you are feeling more clear and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Also, you’ll find that it’s much easier to pay attention to and listen to your inner voice or psychic voice.


You should now read the chakra article on the website. As it provides important information about the Chakras that everyone should be aware of.

By doing some form of a chakra exercise every day you’ll be helping to keep your chakra points open, clean, and clear. You also will be assisting them in developing. As the chakra points open and develop and stay clear, you will discover yourself functioning better in many areas of your life – including an increase in your psychic skills.

The easiest chakra exercise I know to tell students to do is also one of the most effective. It’s based around a color therapy psychology exercise. Simply do the relaxation exercise previously mentioned then spend a few moments focusing on a rainbow.

Try to visualize the entire rainbow. Make an attempt to see all the colors that comprise the rainbow.

Then start focusing on each color of the rainbow individually. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and finally Violet.

As you focus on each color try to see the color as clearly as possible in your head. Then imagine yourself stepping into that color.

You can also find an image of a rainbow and look at it for a while, then focus on each color individually. In doing this you’ll be subconsciously working to open and clear your chakra points.


Your homework for this lesson is to do both of these exercises at least once a day for an entire week. At the end of the week send me an email indicating how it went, what you learned, what you experienced, and what happened in your life as a result of practicing these exercises. Be sure to label the email, Lesson 2.


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