Payment, Refund, and Cancellation Policies

Updated August 2018

Refund Policy

Phone and In-Person Readings/Energy Work Sessions and On and Offline Courses

If you want a refund and call within 24 hours of the session (or 24 hours of the first session or class if you booked a packaged deal or a course) to let John know you want the refund then the refund will be issued – but he’ll never work with you again.

If a person is truly unhappy they shouldn’t have to spend money on something they didn’t enjoy or find useful. At the same time, that also implies that you and John just aren’t meant to work together.

Additionally, it reduces John’s future risk of the same thing happening with the same person over and over again and thus wasting everyone’s time.

Call: 816-343-8318 and if there is no answer leave a message with your request.

Email Readings and Astrology Reports

Due to the nature of these readings and the work and time involved, there is, regrettably, a no refund policy.

Cancellation and Late Policy

John knows that things happen. Life happens! People get sick and people forget. Sometimes people even run late.

John will wait up to 10 minutes for a client. If the client doesn’t show up by that point and time the appointment will need to be rescheduled. On many days John has multiple clients back to back. As a result, if you are late for an appointment, you will have only the time left in the appointment on your arrival for the session. This is regardless of if you are doing the appointment by phone or coming in person to see him.

If a person cancels or misses an appointment they simple reschedule the appointment.

If John happens to miss an appointment, due to being sick, clients have the option of rescheduling or getting a refund.

If you must cancel or know you’re running late please call: 816-343-8318 and if there is no answer leave a message.

Payment Policy

Clients are asked to pay for psychic readings, spiritual counseling/companionship, and past life exploration readings at the time they schedule the appointment. This makes life easier for everyone!

Email readings of all types must be paid in full prior to work beginning on them.

Online classes also require payment in full prior to the first class starting.

In person classes may either be paid in full prior to the first class or on a weekly basis.