Past Life Exploration

Past Life Exploration

John offers two ways to connect with your past lives.

Past Life Reading

Past Life ReadingThe past life reading is a ½ hour or hour that involves John using the tarot cards and spiritual guides and angels as a jumping off point to weave the story of one or more of your past lives. In this reading some of the things you may hear about are such things as:

  • Who you were
  • What you looked like
  • What your family was like
  • Your career
  • What your life was like,
  • The best things that occurred
  • The worst things that ccurred
  • How you passed
  • What lessons you were meant to learn in that life.

A ½ hour is usually long enough for a single past life review/story as well as some process time after. The full hour typically includes two to three different past lives –one in depth and one or two others at a glance.

Please note that past life readings are unpredictable and there is no guarantee you’ll hear about the past life you are interested in or that you’ve seen yourself.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression HypnosisPast Life Regressions can be intense and are not for everyone. A past life regression is an hour in length and involves helping you put yourself in a light self-hypnotic trance and then guiding you back to a single past life so you can see and experience it for yourself.

Through a questioning process, John will draw out information from you in a safe and protected environment with plenty of time to think and process the information after the regression.

You may:

  • See and experience who you were
  • Where you were from
  • How you died
  • What lessons you were learning in that life
  • What your family was like
  • What you did in your daily life
  • The best and worst of your life
  • and more