What areEnergy Vampire Symptoms?

Learn About Energy Vampires Symptoms

Learn What Happens When Energy Vampires Attack

I’ve had a great deal of experience with energy vampires. There was a time when I was around one almost every day for several years. Back then, I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I didn’t understand the reason I was irritable, ill, frustrated, angry, tired, or depressed so often. I just knew that I wasn’t feeling at my best.

To understand energy vampires symptoms we first have to understand how a vampire attacks people. In myth and legend a vampire attacks a person to suck their blood. They seduce their victim, bite them, and drain their life force energy usually leaving them as only a shell of their former self.

Energy vampires operate in a similar way. They typically begin their seductive dance by befriending you. Sometimes this may play out in the work arena, sometimes in your personal arena. They do this to form an intense and strong connection with you. In some cases, an energy vampire may exist in your family, and in those cases they usually already have an intense and strong connection via your bloodline.

After this connection has been formed they begin to weaken you and your aura. Many times this is done unconsciously. They need energy. You have energy. They want it so they attempt to get it. How do they do this? Typically they will get your energy in one of three ways.

How Energy Vampires Steal Your Energy

First: They hope you will freely give it to them. That you will cater to their every need. They count on the fact that you will always put them before yourself or anyone else.

Second: When method one doesn’t work they try to bring negativity into your life. They focus on all the things that are wrong or that you are doing wrong. The hope is that the negativity will upset you. Once you are upset, they are unconsciously able to feed off the emotional energy you are emitting.

Third: If method two doesn’t work, they move on to their final method. This involves trying to induce fear into your life or any variation of the fear emotion. Variations of the fear emotion include anger and sadness. When someone is capable of causing you to have any of these emotions, they have put you into a position where your energy is wide open to them.

Should any of the three methods work, they suck energy from you. It’s almost like by the time you get finished interacting with them, they are glowing and feeling great. You, on the other hand, feel miserable and not so great.

What are The Symptoms of Energy Vampires attacks?

The symptoms that you may experience include:

  • Anger for no unapparent reason or in direct response to the individual’s tactics.
  • Sadness for no unapparent reason or in direct response to the vampire’s negativity.
  • Feeling exhausted or tired after interacting with someone.
  • Feeling guilty after interacting with the energy vampire.
  • Feeling sick or ill after interacting with or dealing with someone else.
  • Having an urge to get away from someone while talking to them

All of these are symptoms that you may experience if you’ve been attacked by an energy vampire.

How to Protect Against Energy Vampires

If you want to protect yourself against an energy vampire you have to understand energy, how energy works, and how psychic self-defense works.

Once you’ve mastered these things you will discover that energy vampires aren’t as attracted to you. Those who are aren’t capable of getting nearly as much of your energy as they may have been able to in the past.


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