How to Start the New Year

Spiritual Lesson – How to Start the New Year

I am writing this on December 29th, 2018. Christmas has come and gone and we are nearing New Year’s Eve. Traditionally, this is the time when people go about making one or more resolutions for the New Year, the vast majority which of course doesn’t end up being kept.

While making those resolutions aren’t a bad thing, I do believe there is another activity that people can do at this time of the year which ends up being even more powerful and profound than making resolutions.  That is the art of reviewing the previously year.

The Importance of Reviewing Last Year

When we are young and attending elementary school we are taught over and over again the importance of checking our work. We are taught to be diligent and to make sure we have not only completed everything but that we have done so to the best of our ability.

As adults, many of us will check over the presentation we are going to give or go over the documents we are going to sign – and we do this because of that all-important lesson we learned in elementary school. We want to make sure things are well prepared so that we aren’t caught off guard and so we can be sure that we are doing the best we can possibly do.

Yet, how many of us review the day when we lay down at night to go to sleep? More importantly, how many of us take the time to review our year prior to beginning the new one?

Reviewing the year is a powerful method of working through the subconscious mind and setting it straight for the year to come. By asking ourselves four important questions we are able to discern not only what our resolutions should be, but those resolutions end up being in alignment with our deepest soul’s urge.

Try it for yourself.

The Questions to Ask to Overcome the Previous Year’s Negative Patterns

Here are the four areas of questions to ask and reflect on. Don’t just rush through them, but take some time to journal or write about each one. Give yourself the time to really explore them.


  • What, in the last year, have I disliked, hated, or am I displeased with?
  • What areas of my life have seemed to be filled with negativity?
  • What people have I not been able to get along with and why?


  • What do I need to change in my own thinking to take the things I’ve disliked, hated, or have been displeased with and see them from a different perspective?
  • What do I need to change in my own thinking when it comes to those areas of life that are filled with negativity?
  • What do I need to change in my own thinking about those people I’ve not been able to get along with?


  • What do I need to eliminate from my life moving forward?
  • What attitudes, beliefs, situations, objects, locations, actions, and even people do I need to eliminate from my life at this time so that I am happier?
  • What in my life is no longer serving a good purpose in my life?


  • When I close my eyes and listen to the Higher Power, what does the Higher Power tell me I should focus on in the year to come?
  • When I close my eyes and listen to the Higher Power, what does the Higher Power say to inspire and encourage me in the year ahead?
  • When I close my eyes and listen to the Higher Power, what does the Higher Power tell me about improving or changing my life in the year to come?

The Rebirth Treatment

The meditation below, designed and written by Dr. Paul Masters, is aimed at helping you reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind so that you can renew yourself and step into a new consciousness and thus a new life. It is also part of my online Metaphysical Philosophy course. It is presented here today, as a gift, free.

Before you listen to it let me just say, Happy New Year! I hope the upcoming year for you is a year that is filled with love, happiness, joy, prosperity, and blessings!!!

~Rev. John Culbertson

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