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Prosperity is More Than Money


This is John Culbertson from MysticJohn and this is your mini spiritual lesson for September 14th, 2018.

Our topic this week is prosperity.

Today’s prosperity tip: Prosperity is more than money.

So many people hear the word prosperity and the first thing they think of is money. It’s true, money has become the main God in our society and is typically held in esteem above all else. Consider for a moment how difficult you make life by focusing only on accumulating money.

Prosperity is about more than money. It’s about freedom. It’s about happiness. It’s about having what you want. To do this doesn’t always require money and this is where so many people get lost. Sometimes, and I would even argue far more often, we tend to get things through means other than just money.

A teacher of mine once told me “It’s never about the money; it’s about what the money can get you.” If we focus exclusively on money we may miss out on the friend that has a perfectly good car that they want to give away or sell for really cheap. We may miss the fact that when we get an upgrade at a hotel or airline that the value is worth far more in comfort than what the dollar could have otherwise provided. We may miss the fact that we could win a raffle or contest to acquire the vacation or item that we would love to possess. We may even miss the fact that someone we just met may hold the perfect bit of advice to help us achieve a goal we’ve always wanted to achieve, but were never sure on how to get started doing it.

Synchronicity is the idea that everything happening is connected. We just have to be aware of and follow the connections. When we understand that prosperity can come in more ways other than just money, we open ourselves up to enjoying life in a totally different manner.

Note, I’m not saying money isn’t important. It certainly is! It must be respected as being important too. I’ve just found myself blessed in many ways besides through my earnings. I hope you can begin to notice your many blessings that flow into your life that aren’t directly money related too!

Our prosperity prayer for this week is as follows:

I know that God is my supply and that money comes from God. I know that prosperity is here right now, right this moment. I feel rich and blessed and know that I have an abundance of things in my life that make me happy, healthy, and wealthy. In faith, I trust in God and the Universal Law and I accept the results of this Law. I bless all that I have and I bless how it multiplies.  I bless the people who come into my life and I know we prosper together. I give thanks and say “so it is, so it is, so it is. I believe, so it is.”

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