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Prosperity and Creativity

Transcript for If you Can Think It, You Can Create It


This is John Culbertson from MysticJohn and this is your mini spiritual lesson for September 12th, 2018.

Our topic this week is prosperity.

Today’s prosperity tip: The power of Creativity.

There is an old saying:  “If you can think it, you can create it!”

This saying is the focal point of our mini lesson today.

Earnest Holmes once said that “All it takes is one creative thought to improve your life.” The truth of this resonates deep within most of us, and yet so many of us find ourselves feeling blocked when it comes to having access to our creative mind power. How do we unblock? How do we release the creativity within that comes directly from God?

The answer lies in brainstorming. Everyone knows the importance of brainstorming, and yet so few of us actually find ourselves engaging in the process. How does one brainstorm properly?

The best way is to find someone you can trust who is positive in nature and you work with them on the brainstorming activity. That is, you tell them you’re going to brainstorm some ideas and that no idea may be rejected or frowned upon during the brainstorming process. These ideas may be, for example, on how to generate more money. They could also be ideas that focus on anything else that you desire to accomplish! Set a timer for 15 minutes and go at it! At the end of 15 minutes, you’ll have a list. Put that list away for a couple of days then come back to it and take a second look at it. This time isolating the top 2-3 ideas. Now, with that idea, you’re going to research how to put the idea into action then actually put the idea into action.

You don’t have to have other people in your life to do this exercise. It’s simple enough to do it on your own, but the more people you work with the more ideas you’ll find being generated. Remember. Every person is you, you are them, and all is God.

Our prosperity prayer for this week is as follows:

I know that God is my supply and that money comes from God. I know that prosperity is here right now, right this moment. I feel rich and blessed and know that I have an abundance of things in my life that make me happy, healthy, and wealthy. In faith, I trust in God and the Universal Law and I accept the results of this Law. I bless all that I have and I bless how it multiplies.  I bless the people who come into my life and I know we prosper together. I give thanks and say “so it is, so it is, so it is. I believe, so it is.”

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