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Prosperity and Attitude

Transcript for Prosperity and Attitude


This is John Culbertson from “Mystic” John and this is your mini spiritual lesson for September 13th, 2018.

Our topic this week is prosperity.

Today’s prosperity tip: The Attitude Adjustment

What is an attitude adjustment? In the simplest terms, it’s changing the way you think about and view things, events, and other people.  This is super important to do when it comes to prosperity.

Understanding what your beliefs about money are, have been, and what was taught to you as you were growing up and advancing through life becomes fundamentally important when it comes to being able to create more money in your life.

If you were one of those people who was taught “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “there’s never enough” then you are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to creating and building prosperity as compared to someone who constantly heard “there’s always a way to create more money” and “there’s plenty enough for everyone.”

Taking some time to observe your own inner thoughts and beliefs as it relates to finances and prosperity and tracing it back to where those beliefs began is an important process that, once completed and understood, can be transformative. After all, no matter our past we have the ability to make changes to how we think, feel, and what we say in the here and now. It’s much easier to do this, however, when we understand where negative beliefs and attitudes about money and finances began.

Additionally, we often times don’t realize what we say or how we think until someone points it out to us. So if you can enlist the help of a friend, counselor, family member, spouse, or spiritual adviser to help you identify what you say and think when you say and think it – and if you begin the process of slowly changing those thoughts and words – you will be one step closer to abundant prosperity in your life.

Finally, what is your attitude when you spend money? Do you hate spending money? When you pay a bill do you find yourself frowning or becoming worried or afraid? These feelings you have when you spend money are powerful magnets and if you spend money but hate doing it you’re only going to find yourself involved in more situations where you have to spend money you don’t want to spend.

This bleeds into your interactions with people too. One of my guides used to tell me that every time you think or say something negative about someone else it’s like flushing a $100 bill down the drain. Do you really want to do that? Wouldn’t you rather have someone giving you something worth $100 as opposed to you having to flush a $100 down the proverbial toilet?

Our prosperity prayer for this week is as follows:

I know that God is my supply and that money comes from God. I know that prosperity is here right now, right this moment. I feel rich and blessed and know that I have an abundance of things in my life that make me happy, healthy, and wealthy. In faith, I trust in God and the Universal Law and I accept the results of this Law. I bless all that I have and I bless how it multiplies.  I bless the people who come into my life and I know we prosper together. I give thanks and say “so it is, so it is, so it is. I believe, so it is.”

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