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Experiencing Romantic Love – Must Haves and Can’t Stands

Knowing What You Want in a Potiental Mate


This is John Culbertson from MysticJohn and this is your mini spiritual lesson for October 4th, 2018.

Our topic this week is experiencing romantic love.

Today’s tip: Must Haves & Can’t Stands

A very important part of discovering the right person for you is to know what type of a person you are looking for. So many people claim they know this, and yet when they are asked about what that person is like they return vague answers such as “handsome, loving, strong,” etc.

The Must Have and Can’t Stand Exercise is a popular exercise used in couple’s counseling and even by the famed Matchmaking company eHarmony.

It works like this.

You take a sheet of paper and on the front side at the top you write Can’t Stand. You then list five things you absolutely do not want in your future partner. This could be things such as Smoking, Alcoholic, Rude, insensitive, easily angered, etc.

These five things are your “red flags” so that if you discover a potential partner has even one of your red flags you say “thanks, but no thanks. We simply won’t work out together.”

The problem here is that most people like to cheat with those can’t stands. In other words – it’s supposed to be if even ONE of those five can’t stands are in your potential partner you walk away from them. Many people, however, like to say “Well, it’s only one of the five… maybe it will work.” Usually it doesn’t.

On the reversed side of the paper write Must Have. List five things your partner has to have. They could be things such as good looking, loves camping, likes to read, compassionate towards others, animal lover, etc.

In order to truly be matched with a potential mate they must have all five of your must haves!  If even one is lacking you should walk away.

Sounds impossible, right? It isn’t. This is a highly effective screening method for ensuring you end up with someone you are truly compatible with.

There are two major problems that result in the end of most romantic relationships. The first is poor communication and the second is lack of compatibility.

While it is true that lack of compatibility can be overcome by two partners who are great communicators and very tolerant of each other it does require far more work than if you are naturally compatible with someone.

Our prayer for this week is as follows:

I know that God is love and love is God in action. I know that love is here now. I am so blessed and so happy that I have an abundance of love to spare and to share now and always. I know that true love is self-love, family love, and romantic love. These words that I speak in faith now activate universal law and I accept the results. I bless all the love I have now and I bless the increase. I bless all the people in my life that I know, even those I have trouble liking or understanding, and I know that love now flows easily and effortlessly into our lives.  I give thanks for each and every act of love that graces my life – regardless of if it is physical, emotional, verbal, or intellectual in nature. I release this prayer now saying as I do – I believe, I believe, I believe. So it is. I believe.

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