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Experiencing Romantic Love – Love and Bless Those You Hate

Learning to Bless Those You Hate


This is John Culbertson from and this is your mini spiritual lesson for October 3rd, 2018.

Our topic this week is experiencing romantic love.

Today’s tip: Love and Bless Those You Hate

There are two metaphysical laws which are fundamentally important to understand when it comes to improving your love life. The first is the law of Love and the second is the law of Cause and Effect.

The law of Love basically states that when you show love to another person, it’s the same as showing love to yourself.

The law of Cause and Effect says that whatever you put out – be it in action, thought, or feelings – you will get back and have to deal with yourself.

How does this apply to today’s lesson on love and the fact that you should bless those you hate?


In the vast majority of failed relationships people part ways with hard feelings toward their spouse or significant other. These hard feelings put into motion the law of cause and effect which dictates that you will have to face more hard feelings towards the new people that come into your life. This is regardless of where or how you meet them.

In fact, most people who have come out of a relationship find that they harbor some deep seated anger or hatred towards their previous partner. The mere fact one holds this within the subconscious mind is sending out powerful signals to the Universe that this is what I want my normal in life to be and thus, they eventually discover they have to repeat the same patterns.

How many relationships have you been in that appear to mirror a previous relationship or that eventually start having the same issues as a previous relationship? This usually stems from one’s feelings toward the previous partner and how it’s triggering the laws of love and Cause and Effect.

When a person learns to bless those who they have had discord with- regardless of if it is in a relationship or some other area of life – the power of blessing eventually starts to work in their favor. Each time a negative thought about the person pops into the mind – a blessing is said and the negative thought is removed due to the blessing.

Two things are happening when you bless another person – especially one that previously you’ve had difficulties with.

First, the blessing starts the process of healing internally as well as healing the other person. This is true even if they do not hear the blessing.

Second, due to the laws of Love and Cause and Effect the blessing you are giving out is putting into motion these laws which will return the blessing and love to you and which will serve to attract a new and different kind of person into your life.

Our prayer for this week is as follows:

I know that God is love and love is God in action. I know that love is here now. I am so blessed and so happy that I have an abundance of love to spare and to share now and always. I know that true love is self-love, family love, and romantic love. These words that I speak in faith now activate universal law and I accept the results. I bless all the love I have now and I bless the increase. I bless all the people in my life that I know, even those I have trouble liking or understanding, and I know that love now flows easily and effortlessly into our lives.  I give thanks for each and every act of love that graces my life – regardless of if it is physical, emotional, verbal, or intellectual in nature. I release this prayer now saying as I do – I believe, I believe, I believe. So it is. I believe.


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