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Discovering Happiness

The Secret to Discovering How to be Happy


This is John Culbertson from MysticJohn and this is your mini spiritual lesson for September 20th, 2018.

Our topic this week is emotions.

Today’s emotional tip: Discovering Happiness

One of the most amazing things happens usually when I ask a client “What will make you happy?” They go silent for a few moments and eventually respond. “I don’t know.” This, of course, is a lie! We always know. We are resistant many times to what we know and thus attempt to cover it by saying – “I don’t know,” but we still know.

The process of discovering happiness is important for both emotional stability and mental stability. It even impacts our spirituality.

So how does one go about discovering happiness?

I typically ask clients to keep a happiness journal. This is a journal that they carry around with them for a period of time and every time they do something, hear something, or experience something that makes them laugh, smile, or feel happy in some manner – I ask them to write it in the journal.

This process of keeping track of these daily happiness events is incredibly important for two reasons.

First, it helps a person to begin to realize what things they truly enjoy and want more of in their life.

Second, it increases their awareness of the idea and concept of happiness in general.

Remember the law of attraction? What we focus on with our thoughts, emotions, and words we attract similar to us? A happiness journal is a great way to rewire the thoughts and emotions.

The other aspect of discovering happiness is the concept of working through resistance.

When we are unhappy we become tunneled vision. We get stuck in a place that becomes very difficult to get out of. We may know what makes us happy, but we may be afraid to get it or accept it. We may know what makes us happy, but to engage in that knowing means we must take a risk and many people aren’t willing to do that. We may even have people who make suggestions to us on what may help improve our happiness, but we may find something wrong with those ideas due to this ego-resistant nature that we humans have.

Thus, to discover happiness means sometimes becoming vulnerable and releasing our resistance to the idea that as a child of God, we are entitled to happiness and all the blessings it brings.

Our prayer for this week is as follows:

I am happy and content, now and forever. I know God is within me and contains only perfect joy. God is the Spirit of all and knows only truth and right action. I feel happiness flowing through me and all around me. I feel myself being the light of God for those struggling with their own emotions. I believe that happiness is for everyone and I do not allow my own happiness to be limited or destroyed – for I am fully in control of my emotions and I choose them as freely as I choose what to read, listen to, or watch on TV. I am blessed with joy and I bless others in joy that they too may find happiness within and not seek it externally. So it is, so it is, so it is. I believe, so it is!

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