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Dealing with Hatred Towards Other People

Learning to Love When You Hate


This is John Culbertson from and this is your mini spiritual lesson for September 21st, 2018.

Our topic this week is emotions.

Today’s emotional tip: Dealing with Hatred Towards other People

Hatred is a form of anger. It is anger that goes deeper than normal anger. It is anger that is breed from being forced to face the darkest sides of ourselves. Those sides that we pretend don’t exist, but that still find their way into our conscious physical world.

Hatred and is the opposite of love. Love is about embracing, understanding, knowing boundaries, and accepting someone just the way they are, regardless of who they are. Hatred is condemning, being closed minded, avoiding boundaries, and not liking someone because of a particular trait or behavior that bothers us or creates fear within us.

It is possible to love something you once hated. It is possible to turn hatred to love. But to do this requires understanding that this doesn’t mean accepting behaviors that are considered inappropriate by current legal standards or accepting actions that push our personal boundary limits. I can love the person, but not accept the person’s actions. I can love the person, but not allow them to use me or take advantage of me.

Knowing your own boundaries is so important in this physical world. Speaking up for those boundaries is equally as important. This can be done without rage, without anger, and certainly without hatred.

To hate someone will only bring more things into your life that you’ll hate. So how does one eliminate hatred if they discover they do hate someone?

The process is not complex. It’s simply a matter of asking “What’s one good thing I can accept about the person?”  Then taking that one good thing, you can focus on it and build your love from there.

Sometimes a person will tell me “there’s nothing good about them.” This is a lie. Even the evilest and most hated people in the world at one time or another displayed a good trait. If you can’t find something good in them then you are in resistance and you, for whatever reason, are seeking to perpetuate the hatred and thus all that it brings with it into your life.

Keep in mind that loving a person doesn’t require having to speak with them, having to spend time with them, or (as mentioned before) having to accept past or current behaviors. No, loving a person simply means finding and seeing the good that is within them and choosing to focus on that good instead of anything negative. This should not, however, deter a person in a particular profession or role from dealing with bad behavior.

Police officers, judges, the military, teachers, and even parents will all face times when unacceptable behavior must be dealt with in some manner both to help the individual grow and to help the consciousness of society itself. To avoid dealing with the unacceptable behavior is to make that which is not acceptable, acceptable. So deal with what is unacceptable, but after, keep the focus on love.

Our prayer for this week is as follows:

I am happy and content, now and forever. I know God is within me and contains only perfect joy. God is the Spirit of all and knows only truth and right action. I feel happiness flowing through me and all around me. I feel myself being the light of God for those struggling with their own emotions. I believe that happiness is for everyone and I do not allow my own happiness to be limited or destroyed – for I am fully in control of my emotions and I choose them as freely as I choose what to read, listen to, or watch on TV. I am blessed with joy and I bless others in joy that they too may find happiness within and not seek it externally. So it is, so it is, so it is. I believe, so it is!

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