Time Management Solutions

Time Management Solutions

In this article by John Culbertson, John offers some insights into time management solutions and how to make the most of your time.

How to make the most of your time?

Doing your best is not enough. Getting the best results for your efforts is more important and the way to do this is by putting into practice time management solutions.

In a beehive, there are three types of honeybees; the worker bee, the drone bee and the queen bee. There is only one queen bee in a beehive. The rest of the bees are either worker bees or drones. The role of the worker bee is to build the honeycombs, forage for nectar among flowers and produce honey. In other words, they are productive. The role of the drone is to mate with the queen bee and they do not have the ability to produce honey or build the beehive. In many ways drones have a function to fulfill and are productive but they don’t produce honey. The queen obviously reigns.

Perhaps, at this point you are wondering what bees and honey have to do with managing your time. Since we often compare organizations to a ‘beehive of activity,’ it’s a good metaphor that we can extend to remind ourselves how most often even though we are busy most of the time, we may not necessarily be productive or producing results that matter.

Doing work and achieving goals.

The main objective of time management solutions is to achieve efficiency. In other words, to maximize the achievement of goals or completion of tasks while minimizing the time spent in non-productive activities. Productivity is a key factor in achieving success at the workplace. It is also applicable in many other aspects of our everyday life.

However, even though people seem to be busy and occupied for most of their working life there is no real productive achievement. That is if we mindlessly perform activities to fill our time, then the end result is not much, at least in terms of value. We should be making progress or producing or achieving results with some tangible value from our efforts like the worker honeybee instead of buzzing about busily yet producing nothing but noise like the drone.

5 Time Management Solutions to Maximize Productivity.

1) Set goals

This is very simple. You need to just write down your short term goals and your long term goals. Then you make a list of the daily tasks that you need to perform. Now that you have list you will be able to identify which tasks are important to achieve your goals.

2) Prioritize

The advantage of having a road map is that you have an overall view of the milestones that you will be crossing in a chronological order before you reach your destination. Your list of tasks is your road map. You should be able to determine which tasks are absolutely necessary and which ones can be eliminated, and also which tasks require more time and attention and which ones require less.

3) Simplify

There are many automated or computerized time management solutions that you can integrate into your work life. However, it is important to ensure that any solution that you apply does not complicate the procedure. On the contrary, managing your time is very simple. It should essentially enable you to get more work done in a lesser amount of time so that you have more free time.

4) Delegate

It is not possible to do everything on your own. So don’t attempt to do so. That’s why organizations have teams working on tasks. Allocate responsibilities and distribute the work load evenly among team members. More hands make light work.

5) Take stock

Review your goals and your list of tasks regularly. Tick them off as you complete each one. A list of 10 things to do seems formidable but when you have ticked off three items, you know that you are making progress. This gives you energy and encouragement to complete the remaining tasks.

The important thing about time management is not to fill every waking or working hour with tasks but to complete the tasks within the allotted time.

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