Spiritual Lesson - How to Have Faith

Spiritual Lesson – How to Have Faith

In metaphysics, one of the most important concepts we talk about is that of faith. In fact, in most religions and even non-religious spiritual practices of all types, faith is of importance. The question remains, how does one get or improve their ability or belief in faith? Let’s take a look at this question in depth. First, however, let’s answer the question: “Why is faith so important?”

Why is Faith Important?

In metaphysics, faith is the element that demonstrates. In the new age movement, faith is what creates or manifests. In Christianity, faith is what saves. In Wicca, faith is what allows magick to happen. In essence, faith is the energy that pulls it all together and makes stuff happens. Without it, not only do things fall apart and the desired outcome is not achieved, but we feel separated from the Highest Possible Power – whatever that may be for your chosen spiritual path.

So faith is important for two very important reasons.

  • It makes/allows stuff to happen that otherwise wouldn’t have happened
  • It makes more solid the connection between you and the Higher Power.

Knowing this, what exactly are the building blocks of faith? What must be aligned in order for a person to be able to fully say – “Yes, I have true faith!”

The Building Blocks of Faith

Building Bloks of FaithFaith is not contingent on just one aspect of life. Though many intuitively understand, most aren’t fully aware that our world is composed of a physical element, an emotional element, a mental element, and a spiritual element.

Each of these elements, or planes, coexist and overlaps each other at all times. What happens in the domain of one element or on one plane has an impact on each of the other domains or planes too.

This means that if in any one domain faith is broken it automatically causes a failure of faith in the other three domains and ultimately limits a person’s ability to create, co-create, demonstrate, or manifest in their life.

This also means that in order to have true faith one must demonstrate it in all four of these domains.

Before we talk about that, let’s understand what we mean by faith.

Faith is the belief in something which can’t be proven real by the physical senses. To have faith is to believe or have an inner knowing of trust that something which isn’t seen or can’t be proven is or will be real.

As mentioned, for faith to be complete it must exist in all four domains at the same time. If it exists in only three, it is not complete and that which one has faith in can’t be demonstrated or manifested.

So, to be even clearer, the building blocks of faith are:

1st: A belief in something spiritual – something greater and more powerful than just you.

2nd: A focused mind that will not be lead to believe anything other than what one has faith in.

3rd: Emotional feelings of joy, certainty, and happiness knowing that what is felt is true.

4th: Physical action that demonstrates trust through the action of doing.

Let’s take a look at each of these domains a little deeper.


Free Psychic Development Lesson 2 - MeditationFaith begins with the belief in something or someone that is greater than the self that exists on the spiritual planes. This may be Jesus Christ, Allah, God, Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Father Sky, Mother Earth, Great Goddess, and so forth. In metaphysics, we understand that these are all terms for the exact same energy.

Regardless, faith begins with knowing that this energy is real in some form and that it is an all powerful, all knowing, everywhere present energy. Without the spiritual foundation, you can master faith in the other three domains and it won’t matter – you will still find that it’s never enough to produce measurable results in your life.

The great thing is, it doesn’t matter what spiritual being you believe in. As long as there is a true belief and one is working towards better being connected to and understanding this energy – the seed of faith is planted and can begin to grow.

To increase faith in the spiritual domain we typically use meditation or prayer. Both enhance our spiritual life and allow us to feel the awe-inspiring connection to God/Universal Consciousness.


Now that we have a belief in some energy greater than us, we can turn our focus towards the next domain, that of mind.

To have faith in the domain of mind means never wavering away from that. It means never allowing a negative thought of the opposite or contrary notion to creep in. It means never allow a criticizing thought to be present or take root.

Rather, one holds the mind crystal clear and in focus on the intended result or outcome and only on the intended result or outcome.

To increase faith in the mental domain we typically use scripture or study materials. The more we consciously know and understand about our situation and where we want to get to, the easier it tends to be to hold the mind stable and focused.


5 Ways Our Mind Control Our HappinessAt this point we have a belief and relationship with a spiritual being that we consider to be all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present. We also are holding our mind in a crystal clear manner on our intended result or outcome. We now move into the domain of emotions.

The domain of emotions requires us to feel happiness, joy, and most importantly, a feeling of certainty in what we are mentally focusing on.

If we are not happy by what we desire, we will be sending subconscious signals that it’s not what we really want. If we do not find joy in what we are seeking, again subconscious signals get sent that imply it’s not really what we desire. If we can’t feel certain that the direction we are heading is the best possible direction, faith will fall apart as will everything else with it.

To increase faith in the emotional domain we typically engage in conversations with someone who is positive and uplifting or ask for help from a prayer group. When we are able to feel supportive energy from others it stabilizes our own emotions and allows us to direct our emotional state in a positive direction.


It is in the physical world, believe it or not, that we end up having the most trouble with faith. You see, in order for true faith to be complete, a person must take action in the physical world that is congruent to the faith in the emotional, mental, and spiritual domains.

In other words, not only do I have to believe and have a relationship with a Higher Power. Not only do I have to be crystal clear in my thoughts about my intended outcome. Not only do I have to emotionally feel good about the thoughts and my relationship with the Higher Power, but I have to do something in the physical world as an “act of faith” in order to truly demonstrate faith.

That may be anything from confessing (verbalizing to others) that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior to doing a magick ritual or making an effort to talk to someone or go somewhere. A physical action of some type is required to fully set things in motion.

To increase faith in the physical domain it is normal to both face our fears and trust our intuition. It is through trusting our intuition that we are lead to take the right action or actions which will continue to push and guide us in the right direction to accomplish and bring to completion what we are focused on. Many times in doing this there will be a brick wall. In numerology, this brick wall is called a thrust block, which we must overcome. In essence, a fear we have to face and deal with. As the title of the very popular book by Susan Jeffers goes – “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.”

Dealing with the Subconscious Mind

Even when a person thinks they have mastered the faith aspect of each of these four domains, there is the subconscious aspect of the mind that can still interrupt or disrupt that process. As previously mentioned, anytime there is a disruption in the process on any of the four levels it makes it virtually impossible for there to be any sort of demonstration, manifestation, attraction, or co-creation in life.

So how does one change and transform that which they are not consciously aware of? How does one even know if what is occurring is coming from the subconscious?

The answer is simple, yet often overlooked.

To know when the subconscious mind is interfering pay attention to which domain or area of faith you find yourself having difficulty with. If there is no difficulty, chances are you don’t have to really worry about that subconscious mind. If you find that you have difficulty, and you know you’re trying to consciously work through it, but simply can’t – then you know the culprit is the subconscious.

Metaphysically we do one of two things to harness and change the subconscious mind. We “treat” the mind – sometimes called a mind treatment or prayer treatment or even a spiritual treatment. We also will engage in affirmation practice.

Spiritual Mind Treatment

Spiritual Mind Treatment is like a Court TrialI shall take a look at this practice much deeper in the future. For now, understand that a spiritual mind treatment follows a specific “argumentative process” to overcome the subconscious mind and its attacks.

In many ways, to engage in spiritual mind treatment is akin to engaging in a legal trial. Only your subconscious mind plays the role of the prosecuting attorney that attempts to present evidence to suggest you don’t have faith and you and your conscious mind play the role of the defendant and attempt to prove to the prosecuting attorney that you do have faith. This is done by the “evidence” you present to each other. Of course, as you’ll discover, the Higher Power, as long as there is faith there, acts as a great defense attorney…

Again, more on this in a future article…

The Practice of Affirmations

The other method of changing the subconscious mind involves the conscious practice of affirmations.

Affirmations are typically best practiced when the mind is in an alpha or theta brain wave state. A good example of this would be the meditative state. As such, they are best programmed into the subconscious by the conscious mind immediately after we finish a deep meditation, but before we come back to the conscious waking state or the beta state. Other times when they can be easily and best programmed include immediately after we wake up and are lying in bed before we start our day and immediately before we fall asleep as we begin to entire that twilight state.

Affirmations have a few components to them and when these components are used appropriately it makes them empowering and effective. Let’s take a look real quick at what those components are along with some good sample affirmations that you can use to begin the process of doing subconscious reprogramming.

Creating Affirmations

The following five tips will help you create good, helpful, empowering affirmations to be used consciously to reprogram the subconscious and thus further help to develop inner faith.

  1. All affirmations should be personal and begin with the world “I”
  2. All affirmations should be put in present tense – for example “now, am, have, etc.”
  3. All affirmations should be in the positive form – from the yes perspective.
  4. All affirmations should be precise – typically this means the shorter the better.
  5. All affirmations should be powerful – that is, that should be said with confidence and power.

Examples of Affirmations

The following are 4 sample affirmations that can be used to begin the process of reprogramming the subconscious mind as it relates to the four domains of being previously spoken of.


I know that there is an all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present Higher Power that is with me now and that makes anything in my life possible.


I am now, with total faith, mentally focused with crystal clear clarity on the outcome and results that are desired for my present situation.


I am filled this day with emotions of joy and happiness that flow to me from the Higher Source and that inspire me to live life from this state of being.


The Higher Power is leading and guiding me to taking inspired action now to bring about emotional joy and stability in all areas of my life and being.


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