Soul Surfer Movie Review

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Headed to the Drive In Movie Theater to See Soul Surfer

My wife and I headed out to the drive in theater on the evening of April 30th, 2011. The Ruskin Family Drive In located in Ruskin, Florida plays a double feature every night and charges $5 a person. It’s something my wife and I enjoy doing from time to time as the admission is cheap and the food at the concession stand costs much less than the food at a traditional movie theater.
Since it is a family drive in theater they play only movies rated pg-13 or below. This time around we were entertained by the movies “Hop” and “Soul Surfer.”

First Impressions of Soul Surfer

I’ll be honest. When I was told that we were going to be seeing “Soul Surfer” and I read what it was about, I wasn’t very thrilled. “Great, another religious based B rated movie that’s going to be really cheesy with bad acting” was my first thought. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Let me start by saying the movie “Hop” was awesome. If you’ve not had the chance to see it, I highly recommend it. Cute, funny, and very entertaining in a family sort of way. However, the real winner of the night was indeed “Soul Surfer” and for many reasons.

A Review of Soul Surfer

This is probably one of the most inspirational movies that I have seen in a long time. The acting was pretty darn good as well. Additionally, the setting was beautiful. Yes, there are religious themes in the movie, but the movie speaks on such a deeper level than that. Succeeding against all odds, the importance of family and friends, and never giving up are just a few of the important, motivational, and inspirational themes which viewers are presented with.

Listen, I’m not one to get all emotional and weepy during movies, but this one actually almost had me in tears a few different times. The power of the themes and the lessons it drive home are, in my opinion, a must see – especially for families with children or teens.

Soul Surfer Synopsis

“Soul Surfer” tells the real life story of Bethany Hamilton – a young lady living with her family in Hawaii that has a passion for surfing. As the movie starts we are introduced to Bethany, her best friend, her family, and her passion for riding the amazing Hawaiian Waves. I.E. we get to see a normal teenager.

Midway through the movie the unthinkable happens. Bethany losses one of her arms in a shark attack. The rest of the movie focuses on her and her family adjusting to a new lifestyle with an emphasis on trusting in God (He always has a plan) and not giving up on one’s dreams and passions.

The movie finale has Bethany competing at Nationals (surfing nationals that is). Will she beat her rival and finish first against all odds? The ending may surprise you.

Soul Surfer Cast

AnnaSophia Robb stars as Bethany Hamilton and does an excellent job at playing the lead and carrying the movie – making way for the supporting cast to add flavor and additional emotional content.

Also staring in the movie is Dennis Quad and Helen Hunt as Bethany’s mother and father. Both, in my opinion, give solid performances.

Carrie Underwood is also in the movie playing Bethany’s youth minister. Though her part was small, it was important to the overall mood and lessons that the film engraves into your soul. Though I’m not a fan of Carrie Underwood in general, I can say she did okay in this movie.

Also making an appearance in the film is Craig T. Nelson – as the doctor who treats Bethany who also happens to be a family friend.

Soul Surfer Trailer

Final Rating for Soul Surfer

As I said, this is a film I believe everyone should see at least once. The cast does a great job and the power that goes along with the lessons that the movie is attempting to impart are well worth the watch. Likewise, there is much that a family can talk about upon finishing the viewing of the movie.


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