Positive Attitude and Law of Attraction

The Powers of a Positive Attitude

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How a Positive Attitude Helps With the Law of Attraction

I’m going to ask you to do something which you may consider strange. Trust me on this. Try it anyway.

Close your eyes. Listen to your thoughts. What are they saying? Would you call them negative or positive thoughts? Are they saying bad or good things?

Now, supposed you are walking down the street, or going into a supermarket, or sitting in the park, or doing any number of different things. Do you believe that those people that you meet and are around will be able to tell what’s on your mind?

You always have the ability to control your thoughts, but what you do think other people will indeed be able to pick up on. They will be able to tell what kind of mood you are in and more or less have an idea of how you are feeling.

Let’s try this another way.

You go to a party. The moment you walk into the room, what happens? Do these people light up as though they are happy to see you? Do they fall silent and appear as though they are afraid something bad may happen?

It depends, doesn’t it? Each of these questions and their corresponding answers depend upon what? You!

Be you believe it or not, like it or not, your thoughts are extremely powerful. Thoughts affect everything! We aren’t talking about thoughts just affecting your general attitude, though that may be true too. Rather we are talking about the fact that thoughts influence everything.

The type of attitude you have will affect other people. The thoughts you have will influence that attitude.

Attitudes can be either positive or negative.

When you have a positive attitude, and you think in a positive manner, you will attract more positive people and things into your life. People love to be around other people who are positive.

To have negative thoughts, however, will attract negative people and events to you. It can be very draining on people and can make for a dark and depression life.

The Law of Attraction is perhaps the most powerful law in effect in our universe. It is a senior law to all other laws. Be you believe in it or not, it works. If your life is misery, and you are unhappy, and you always look at things from a negative perspective, you will continue to have the same in our life. This won’t change overnight either.

We always get what we think about – however, how quickly we get it and the way we get it depends on many factors. One of these factors is how often we think about it and what we are feeling while we think about it.

You have a whole lot more to gain from adopting a positive attitude than you do from living with a negative one. Studies have shown that positive attitudes promotes better health. People with positive attitudes also tend to have more friends and they deal better with negative life events when they do come up and happen.

How can you develop a positive attitude and start making use of the powerful Law of Attraction?

It starts with having a healthy self-image. The more you love yourself, who you are, and are satisfied with yourself and the decisions and progress you are making, the sooner you will start to truly feel the effect of this powerful law.

You can help yourself and your friends/family to develop a positive attitude too. This is done by giving sincere compliments and avoiding harsh criticism. Did you know that out of 14 things the average parent says to their child, only about one or two is actually positive? As saddening as this is, it’s more sad to realize that out of the thousands of thoughts people have about themselves each day, for many of them they are mostly negative, hurtful, scrutinizing, and painful. The old saying is really true. If you hear something enough times, you will eventually start to believe it.

Other ways of influencing your thoughts and attitudes toward a more positive outlook include:

  • seeing a comedy or funny movie
  • playing with children
  • reading/hearing/telling jokes
  • spending time with happy people
  • reading/watching/listening to something uplifting
  • looking in the mirror and saying something positive about yourself every morning and evening
  • starting and keeping a gratitude list

We may not be able to stay away from all negative things, but we can control our mind and thoughts and work hard to focus on the positive and good things in life.

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