Overcoming Fears

Overcoming Fears

All of us have fears in life. They are mostly irrational phobias that we believe contain us and they engulf us to the extent that we have difficulty overcoming fears and going about our usual daily work in life. Fears develop for various reasons, sometimes by primary experience for e.g. fear of dogs after being bitten once, secondary experience for e.g. fear of fire after watching someone get burnt and then tertiary experience for e.g. fear of ghosts and spirits after watching a lot of horror movies. We all can overcome fears if we wish to, but most of us believe that they are a part of us individually. Only when the fear disturbs work or personal life and causes stress do you wish to get rid of it. In this article we will talk about various techniques that can be used, majorly including: Hypnosis, Regression Therapy, Desensitization, and affirmations.

Hypnosis is the most famous technique used to help people overcome fears. Even deep rooted fears formed by some traumatic experience are said to be psychological and this is why removing them on the psychological level is extremely important. When we think about our fear we relate it to negative thoughts. Hypnosis targets at these thoughts and helps you to replace the negative relation. Hypnosis lets the active mind relax which is opposite of how a phobic feels when in contact with the fearful object or situation. When a patient is in the hypnotic stage, cognitive restructuring can easily take place and eliminate the psychological anxiety associated with the phobia. The best part about hypnosis is that you can learn it so that you can reinforce the treatment on yourself whenever needed or faced in a fearful situation. Hypnosis is probably also the safest way of overcoming fears as it has absolutely no side effects.

Regression therapy is also useful in overcoming fears, especially fears developed in childhood or fears in children. What regression does is that it takes you back to an earlier phase in life and brings back those emotions and feelings of anxiety that you once felt into the present, making your present difficult to handle. Through regression therapy we aim to take back the patient to the past and gather those memories that have triggered the fear. These memories may be from the past of this life or part of previous incarnations. Regression therapy is great for it focuses on the root of the problem and heals the pain from past trauma that helps overcoming fears. A patient Sirat said regression therapy helped her fear of water, “It cured my fear of fresh water. I never could stand the sight of fresh water lakes, rivers etc. I would be so scared. After this, I could understand why and my unknown fear has lessened a great deal.”

Systematic desensitization is widely known to overcome fears of all sorts. The technique is to overcome fears; you need to conquer the fear in levels, as if climbing a ladder. It is important to be in a meditative state before this is practiced. Then you lean back in a chair absolutely relaxed and imagine the fearful situation. Now you think about a trivial contact with your phobia. Once that step is done, you relax again and try thinking of a more challenging situation. This way you keep moving upwards in the hierarchy, facing phobic situations that keep getting tougher to handle and imagine overcoming them. Systematic desensitization is usually preferred by most phobics as unlike flooding, it gradually lets the individual face each situation. Any moment the patient doesn’t feel comfortable, they can reverse to the previous stage, calm their nerves and try again.

Fear is just in your head, not in your heart. You keep reminding yourself that it exists and that it has the ability to restrict and you, and therefore it does. One of the simplest ways of overcoming fears is by using positive affirmations. Affirmations are the daily internal sentences that we repeat to ourselves, consciously and subconsciously. These sentences are written in the present and are to be repeated whenever you are thinking about your fear or face it. By repeating positive sentences, you are making the mind believe that it has the power to act differently and that you and only you are in control of your emotions.

Other than these famous techniques there are still a lot of ways to overcome fear, all you have to do is identify your fear, search for causes and have determination and patience. A fear that has taken time to develop cannot diminish immediately, learn to give yourself time. You can also use the emotional freedom technique that makes you press certain points in your body that make you less fearful or use something as simple as gratitude, for e.g. fear of going out, be grateful that you have a healthy body that allows you to go out. Just pray and breathe. Life is extremely frightening but we all are here for a reason and we will make it through.

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