Modern Ten Commandments

Modern Ten Commandments for the Spiritually Minded

Many are familiar with the Ten Commandments as presented in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible or the Jewish Torah. What would the Ten Commandments look like if they had come about today as opposed to the Israel B.C. era?”

My spiritual life guide Marcius, an Italian Monk, proposes the following:

  1. Honor Religions Equally

Know that God had a hand in the creation of each religion as well as most spiritual movements. You can not teach every person the same thing in the same way, as people learn differently. The many different religions and spiritual paths, when focused on from the perspective of love, all come from the greatness and goodness of God.

Anything that is not loving should not be confused with as coming from God. When one understands that the nature of God is that of good – they are better able to interpret and understand the majority of the world’s religion’s Holy books. In essence, if it involves hurting another, quite simply, it doesn’t belong in religion, and it likely came from man’s ego instead of God’s will.

  1. Watch Your Tongue – Avoid Negativity

Every time you speak negatively of anyone or anything you dishonor the essence of who God is, as all is God. Learn to be intelligent and savvy in how you disagree and don’t hurl insults or words based on hurt or hate. You were given voices to communicate so that together you can make the world a better place. How insulting it must be to God that so many use those voices to destroy instead of to create.

Additionally, any and all thoughts and feelings we put out, negative or positive, activates the law of return. This law, in essence, indicates that what a person puts out on a conscious level and absorbs on a subconscious level must eventually be mirrored back to them in the physical world they live in.

  1. Do Not Gossip

This is aligned with what was just spoken about. It is breeding negativity. Do not talk about those who are not present and do not talk about those things which you are not directly capable of influencing.

  1. Take Time To Unplug and Reset the Self

Once a week you should spend one day without electronics. This includes no TVs, no internet, no computers, no cell phones, and no video games. Spend one full day in communion with other human beings, nature, or even just God. You will feel better, and you will learn how to think for yourself again. You’ll also find yourself feeling more connected to Universe – God – that Cosmic source of all that is good.

  1. Honor Your Teachers

Be they your parents, your leaders, or quite literally a teacher. Everyone always has someone that they are learning from. Learn to honor those who teach and to always be honest with them. Learn to submit and surrender to the learning process with an open mind – especially when you recognize that it is coming from a place of love.

  1. Do Not Kill Another Human Being

To kill another human being is the most tragic of transgressions. It devalues all of life and serves no purpose. There should be no wars, not in God’s name, not in anyone’s name. Killing is killing. Period.

Keep in mind too that you can kill someone without physically killing them. Killing the spirit – or murder of the soul- is an equal transgression to physical murder. Be willing to lift each other up and not bring each other down or crush the ambitions and dreams of another.

In essence, learn the importance of blessing those whom you may have difficulties getting along with.

  1. Do Not Steal

All humanity should be willing to share, as much as they are capable, with each other. As such, there is never a reason to steal. This includes property, money, and even ideas.

Always give credit where credit is due. Everyone needs praise and recognition. To not give it is to steal in a very different way.

Always give love to everyone you come across. To withhold love is stealing in yet another way.

  1. Be Chaste

Discipline yourself to be chaste in thoughts and actions.

To be chaste is to be pure. It is to not indulge in that which is unnecessary. This means being very selective in who you share the deepest levels of sexual intimacy with. It also means avoiding adultery in all forms.

God still values marriage as the most sacred of vowels. Man and Woman, Man and Man, or Woman and Woman; regardless, it is a vowel that should mean more than any other vowel you make.

  1. Do Not Get or Be Greedy

Greed changes the soul. To keep wanting is dangerous. The nature of being human in this physical world is to always want more. No matter how much power you are given or earn – no matter how much wealth you accumulate – your natural instinct will still be to want more.

You can not truly be happy nor know and understand the meaning of “heaven on earth” if you keep wanting and desiring that which you do not have. This takes you away from happiness. Be thankful instead for what you do have and keep living life as a good person – this is the formula for happiness. This formula will ensure more and more blessings become part of your life.

  1. Honor Your Promises

To make a promise is to make a pledge. To pledge is to vow. Upholding your end of a bargain/pledge/vow – provided the vow itself is not based on hate, anger, or fear – is important. It is important not only to that whom the vowel or promise was made to, but it’s important for the soul of the individual who makes such a vowel or promise.

It weighs heavily on the soul when a promise or vowel is not lived up to or fulfilled. Thus, be careful who you make promises to and the type of promises you make. Don’t make them if you have any doubt at all about fulfilling them. When you make a promise, you are binding yourself to another…. and this is very serious. So only make promises that you are certain you can fulfill and never let someone force you into a promise with which you are not comfortable with.


Now that my life guide has shared this information I think on a deeper level what he’s trying to say is that it is time people start working on bringing the qualities of God (which, as stated, are all good) into life and physical manifestation. After all, don’t we all have a responsibility to try to allow God to work through us? Don’t we all have a responsibility to live our lives in the most positive and best way possible?

If all of humanity could find it themselves to live these out… would it make a difference? Would life be different?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. I do know that the idea of a world of love and peace – no matter how unrealistic to some – is what drives me in my own spiritual quest. While I may never see it in the physical world, I still like to think of what is possible with the shifting and changing of consciousness.

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