Healing from the Past

Healing from the Past

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Know the Past, So You Can Face the Future.

Healing from the past can be a cathartic as well as energizing experience. Depending on the extent of the influence past experiences are having on your present life, your emotional, spiritual and even physical well being can be significantly affected. Unhappy memories that remain suppressed can be a source of a disturbed and troubled mind and personality.

Anger, anxiety, fear, resentment and lack of confidence are signs that the past has an influence over you. Some people experience physical listlessness, chronic, recurring physical pain or injuries that conventional medical attention does not seem to cure or alleviate. Even these could be possible manifestations of experiences from a past life.

What if?

Do you recall dreams that conjure up historical, fantastic or even unnatural worlds and people? Do you have feelings of déjà vu when you visit a new place or meet a new person for the first time ever? These could be genuine yet feeble attempts by your subconscious mind to communicate with your rational and emotional self. It could be the subconscious trying to tell you that there exists a connection between you and the people you meet and the places you visit, perhaps from a previous existence. The rational and skeptical among us will of course, find it hard to accept or even comprehend such concepts. Yet we all have had visions and dreams that make no sense if we apply the rules of reason as we know. It is not much different from reading fiction or watching a movie. We need to voluntarily and temporarily suspend reasoning and allow imagination in order for us to enjoy and experience a fantastic story. We need to ask, what if?

Regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation or past lives, many inexplicable ailments can be addressed only by going beyond the conscious knowledge of our minds. This means delving deep into the subconscious and examining the memories that reside in there. These could be the impressions left behind by some experience from childhood or it could be something which happened to you or someone you know in a previous existence. History or the collective past of our ancestry can also have remarkable influence on our present personalities and our future lives. Healing from the past is a guided process that can be achieved when the mental and spiritual faculties are in a heightened form of awareness. Shamanic practitioners and spiritual counselors can assist in this process of achieving clarity which is known as Past Life Regression.

What lies beneath?

Following an unfortunate incident such as an accident or a crime, people involved often experience a sharpening of their perceptive abilities. The disturbances in their mental makeup are sometimes exhibited in unusual physical behavior. They are considered to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Though medication may inhibit the symptoms, it has been known to provide only temporary relief. Over time and after repeated therapeutic sessions, the affected are able to overcome the irrational behavior caused by their emotionally disturbed state. However, there is always the possibility that there are emotional impressions deeply imprinted within a person’s memory which may trigger of an anxiety attack in the future.

If experiences from the recent past can be so evasive and difficult to reconcile, imagine how much more so events from past lives can be? That’s why it is important to delve into the subconscious mind and find out the root cause of an imbalance in one’s psyche or soul. It’s a journey of discovery like any voyage or excursion to a new place. The only difference being instead of physically traveling from one place to another, in a Past Life Regression, one moves from one experiential dimension to another.

You have to let go to move on.

The mind is a complex entity. It harbors innumerable thoughts and memories, feelings and knowledge. Among these are the memories that we consciously recall and the thinking that we voluntarily do. These are but just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There’s a whole world of unfathomable forces that lie beneath the surface which we can only barely fathom. This is the subconscious mind. The contents of the subconscious are what triggers off signals in our brain which make us act in unpredictable ways.

Healing from the past is a guided therapeutic journey, often performed by hypnotizing a person so that the conditioning acquired by the mind to dismiss or resist memories and impressions residing deep within the subconscious is overcome. In this relaxed and sharpened state of awareness, the subconscious may be able to put together the fragments of imagery which were causing disturbing dreams, anxiety, fears or other strong feelings. Healing from the past can bestow upon the conscious and subconscious mind clarity and the intelligence to understand concepts which could not even be considered earlier. As the saying goes, time heals everything, but one needs to understand the concept of time which extends both ways, into the past and into the future, infinitely beyond birth, death and life as we know. To live in the present, there is a need to know and acknowledge the past.


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