Everything You Wanted To Know About Psychic Readings, But Were Afraid To Ask

Have you found yourself attracted to spirituality? Do you enjoy learning about extrasensory perception (“ESP”), near-death experiences, out-of-body journeys, prognostic dreams, and other psychic phenomena? Today a wide variety of intuitive people offer psychic readings. Visiting with some of these individuals to learn their insights into the world and your life may provide useful assistance along with your journey towards better self-understanding.

The Mysteries of The Unknown

Today the world of psychic phenomena frightens some people. The capability of certain individuals to ascertain information beyond the reach of five senses accurately both astonishes and terrifies. If you’ve debated whether or not to receive a psychic reading but you feel anxious about this process, bear in mind virtually every civilization has produced seers and gifted intuitives.

In fact, the universality of psychic readings may help explain why so many different techniques of divination occur today. Some gifted psychics rely on Tarot Cards or crystal balls to assist them in interpreting information. Others read palms, numbers, astrological charts, or tea leaves. A reader may cast runes, or receive impressions from physical objects. Some use bamboo sticks and reference passages in the I Ching, consulted by intuitive readers in parts of Asia for centuries. In some cultures, psychic readings occur during grand spiritual ceremonies, sometimes accompanied by the use of psychotropic substances or exhaustive dancing. Yet other gifted psychic readers require no forms of outside material contact or exertion: intuitive impressions directly come to them spontaneously. The diversity of psychic reading methods contributes to the confusion and mystery surrounding this process.

Obtain Resonance With Your Reader

Due to the great variety of psychic reading methods, you’ll want to exercise good judgment in selecting a reader. Today you’ll have many options, from in-person readings conducted during “psychic fairs” or office appointments to telephone and online consultations. The explosion in mobile technology during the past few decades now offers unprecedented opportunities for people seeking this experience to obtain access to a number of providers and divination methods.

Choose a reader who employs a psychic reading method that appeals to you. For instance, if the idea of a reader conducting a seance around a table and attempting to communicate with departed spirits or relying on the chance arrangement of Tarot Cards to gain information distresses you, search for a reader who supplies a different form of reading. You’ll discover you’ll usually obtain the best results when you find yourself in some degree of resonance with your reader. When you visit a psychic, if you have a terrible feeling in your gut then leave. Never participate in a psychic reading which makes you uncomfortable on a moral, ethical, or spiritual level.

Hit or Miss

In addition to the wide variety of psychic readings available currently, you may find some readers seem more successful than others regarding gaining useful, intuitive insights on your behalf. Different readers can meet with the same individual on the same day and produce remarkably different readings. Possibly the subjectivity which enters into any psychic reading contributes in some measure to this outcome?

If the lack of consistency confuses and distresses you, don’t worry! People have noticed this “hit or miss” quality to psychic readings for generations. One reader may produce surprisingly accurate results for certain clients, yet wholly fail to assist others. And some individuals who obtain multiple readings from different psychics will likely discover variations in the quality of the information. Just as classical music and country western tunes frequently draw different audiences, a particular psychic reader may serve the needs of some individuals better than others.

Distinguish the Message From The Messenger

When you obtain a psychic reading, separate the information you receive from the messenger. If you attend an honest reading from a psychic whose skills you have admired in the past, don’t fault the reader for sharing material with you should the contents ever displease or frighten you. Remember, the psychic has simply sought to provide insights or impressions you requested! Accept the information, or reject it.

One unverified yet famous example of a client reacting badly to a reading concerns the Brahan Seer. Reportedly this individual, Coinneach Odhar from the Clan MacKenzie, gained a local reputation in the Scottish Highlands as a talented psychic during the 1600s. His success brought him to the attention of the most prominent landowner in the area. Unfortunately, one day when the nobleman traveled abroad, his spouse asked the Brahan Seer to provide a reading. Coinneach Odhar reported her husband enjoyed good health, but she annoyed him to supply additional details. The psychic finally told her he saw her husband in Paris romancing another woman! The angry wife ordered her servants to burn the unfortunate Brahan Seer alive in a barrel of pitch.

Shop Carefully

To find a skilled psychic reader who furnishes valuable assistance to you, you may discover value in “shopping” carefully for this service. For example, consider visiting many different readers to locate one who supplies the most insightful information. When you feel comfortable with both the psychic and the reading method, you may decide to schedule regular readings.

Perhaps one of the most celebrated recent cases of psychic readings proving valuable to a client over the long term occurred in the case of the late Nancy Reagan, a well known and beloved public figure. She reportedly believed in the value of astrology. For many years she obtained astrological charts from an astrologer on a regular basis, and she continued this practice even after her husband became the U. S. President. The First Lady did not publicize her interest in astrology at the time, yet she apparently discovered benefits in obtaining regular astrological “readings,” for she continued this practice even after moving to the White House.

Explore Intuition

Intuitive insights often offer profound information. People may gain benefits from psychic readings. Always exercise good judgment in pursuing psychic knowledge!


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