Tips on Building Self Confidence

Building Self Confidence

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Build self confidence is making an investment in your future and your own personal growth. When self confidence is high everything else seems to magically fall into place and life feels so much more pleasant. Building self confidence will ensure that you never miss out on a potentially life changing opportunity again. Follow these three tips to learn how to build your self confidence like a pro.

Tip One: Know Your Self Worth

It’s important to understand that no matter how hard you work to develop your inner confidence, there will always be outer world problems which will attempt to tear you and your self confidence down.

Did you know that some of the most famous and important people in our world were disapproved of by many others? Despite this, these people had unshakable self-confidence. These people never gave exterior circumstances or other people the power to validate them. They knew how to build self esteem and they knew the most important part of building self confidence was learning to trust in themselves over all else.

Tip Two: Create Life Goals

When we create life goals we discover an inner purpose and we tend to focus our time and attention on that purpose. Having iron clad life goals ensures that you’ll develop the trait of decisiveness. A trait which is often times associated with self-confidence. Of course setting life goals doesn’t come easy for some people, especially many people that are building self confidence in themselves.

You can help to develop your life goals by keeping a journal or diary in which you write down questions about your purpose in life. Never try to answer those questions when you first write them down, but do consider and think carefully about them. Many times, a few days later, we develop a better understanding of what our purpose in life is and what goals we want to most focus our attention on.

Tip Three: Listen to Yourself and Change What You Say

Do you pay attention to what you say to yourself? When you want answers on how to build self esteem pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself. Many times by listening to ourselves we discover and find answers that before were lacking.

Likewise, if we catch ourselves constantly bad mouthing ourselves or talking down to ourselves, it’s important that we work on changing the things we say to ourselves to something more positive.

You see, the mind is very powerful and is constantly listening to what your inner voice says. If the inner voice focuses on negativity and all your bad traits, then you’ll lose self esteem and self confidence. The same is true when that inner voice focuses on positivity and all your good traits; you start to gain self esteem.

If you really want to boost your self esteem quickly, force yourself to look at yourself in the mirror both in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, say out loud all the things you know you’re capable of accomplishing. In the evening, tell the self all the things it did right and that you’re thankful for. Make sure you’re looking yourself in the eye as you do this exercise.

Now that you know some simple ways on how to build self esteem it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice.

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