Affirmations for Weight Loss

Affirmations for Weight Loss

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Affirmations for weight loss are very important in achieving quick weight loss. By using affirmations you’ll increase your chances of obtaining life lasting results in the weight loss battle.

Did you know that it’s a fact that those people that use hypnosis, subliminal messaging, and NLP combined with their diets and exercise programs experience much better success than those that don’t?

In this article we will explore how and why affirmations work in hopes that you will use them in conjunction with your other methods of weight loss.

This four step formula of affirmations for weight loss that is presented here is a great way to mentally prepare you and your subconscious mind for achieving the maximum results that you are seeking and hoping for.

Step One: Find Your Target Weight

To create good and proper affirmations for weight loss, you need to set a target weight that you want to achieve and that will make you feel awesome once you do succeed with reaching your goal.

It is a mistake to tell yourself that you want to lose weight. Society has conditioned and taught us that to lose something is bad. Thus when we tell our mind that we want to lose weight, it naturally assumes this is bad and so it subconsciously fights us on it.

You don’t desire to lose weight! No, what you desire is to be at your ideal weight. This important difference in your mind is crucial for winning the mental battle of weight loss.

So how do you figure out what your ideal weight should be? The best way to do this is to use a target weight calculator or to consult a physician or someone else that has experience with dieting and losing weight.

Step Two: Ask Yourself “What Needs To Change?”

Fast weight loss doesn’t occur just because you use affirmations for weight loss. Likewise no amount of diet pills, supplements or exercise is going to help you either unless you are ready and willing to make important lifestyle changes to accommodate these weight loss tools.

So determine exactly what you’re willing to do to achieve the target weight you’ve just set. This will go a long ways in telling your subconscious and conscious mind that you’re serious about wanting to lose weight.

Step Three: Create Affirmations for Weight Loss

Now you can start working on creating affirmations for weight loss. Keep the following tips in mind as you work on your new affirmations.

  1. Put your affirmations in the present tense. This is true no matter what kind of affirmations you’re writing.
  2. Always use the first person perspective when writing affirmations of any kind.
  3. Avoid using negative words and instead stick to positive ones. Words such as stop, quit, loss, lose, not, and won’t causes the subconscious mind and emotions to focus on the negatives and results in the affirmations not being effective.
  4. Try to create your affirmations in such a way that they involve action. The type of action will depend upon the work you did in step two.

Sample Affirmations For Weight Loss

“I’m enjoying an increase in self-confidence and energy due to my commitment to live a healthy and active lifestyle.”

“I’m succeeding with reaching my ideal weight because I’m committed to exercising every day for an hour a day.”

“I eat only natural foods that are good for me and my metabolism.”

See how they are done? Now it’s your turn! Write some of your own affirmations for weight loss and start saying them every morning when you get up and at night right before going to sleep.

Step Four: Rehearsal

The last step is to say your affirmations repeatedly. You can’t just say them once or twice and expect them to make these huge changes in your life. You have to recondition your mind and neural pathways to accept the belief in the affirmations. This can only be done through consistent and constant rehearsal. Commit to saying your affirmations minimally 3-5 times each while looking in the mirror upon waking up and 3-5 times each, while visualizing yourself doing them, right before bed.

This is a well known secret for conditioning the subconscious mind. The great thing is, that this works not just with weight loss, but for anything you’re trying to attract, manifest, or bring into your life.

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