5 Traits That Indicate You Could Be A Spiritual Healer

In a world where so many things seem uncertain, it can be comforting to know things about ourselves that stand without a doubt. This article will discuss five related characteristics, and you may be a spiritual healer if they all seem to pertain to you.

You’re very sensitive to other’s emotions

Sometimes we are sensitive to others emotions. When you are a spiritual healer, this power extends far beyond just seeing someone who is in distress and reading the body language cues that they are exhibiting. This is like an additional sense in a way, and you can know both what others are feeling and when those emotions change.

You can read others

Being able to read others is sort of like a strong gut reaction to a person, and it may happen when you are not even trying to get a feel for the person. It may occur with someone you’ve known for a long time or someone you just met, but you can tell the type of person they are already.

You can point out patterns

Pointing out patterns in people is easy enough, but for a spiritual healer, it is more than just the patterns on the surface. You are able to notice how and when people change or react to certain situations, and you can begin to predict the things that will end up hurting them or making them feel better.

You know when someone is suffering

Knowing when someone is suffering is much different when you are a spiritual healer. You can sense the damage done to their soul, even if the person is smiling on the outside. You can see through that facade to the real truth.

You’re interested in healing techniques

Being a spiritual healer comes from wanting to help people no matter what the situation is. You may find yourself interested in nursing because of your caring nature, or you may have a vast knowledge of the herbal remedies you can use to help someone.

As you can see, there is more to being a spiritual healer than meets the eye. You may have already guessed that you were destined to help people, but it could take time for you to realize how strong your real potential is. A person who is a spiritual healer is great at helping people on a much more personal level.


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