5 Ways to Improve Quality of Life

5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Quality of Life

Improving one’s quality of life need not be a difficult ordeal. Sometimes it is the simple things which can be most powerful and effective. Here are five simple everyday things you can do which will help to improve the quality of your life.

1. Take a Walk

There’s something special about taking a leisurely walk. Not only do you get the benefit of exercise, but you also get to enjoy the natural world around you. Walking is typically one of the first forms of exercise that doctors prescribe to those that are not physically active. When walking and taking in the natural world, be sure to take time to breathe deeply and smile – this combination is great for allowing oneself to enter into a good and positive mind frame.

2. Show and Tell Someone You Love Them

We only live once – at least that’s the common belief. As such, it becomes important to live fully in each moment. It also becomes  important to take each moment and appreciate and let others know how much you love them. This should be done both with words and actions. After all, we never know when a person’s last moment may be. By expressing love fully we not only make ourselves feel warm and tingly inside, but we also make someone else happy and improve the quality of their life. Additionally, one of the most common complains I hear from couples is “he/she never shows/tells me that they love me.” By practicing this daily it’ll go a long way in improving your own relationship.

3. Forgive Yourself

I have longed believed that next to love, the most powerful emotion in the world is forgiveness. I’m not talking of forgiving others, rather I’m more focused on the process of self forgiveness. The reason I want to focus on self forgiveness is because so many of us harbor deep rooted guilty feelings about the past and what we have or have not done. Until we learn to forgive ourselves, let go, and move on – many times we aren’t capable of being our best or achieving the level of success that we deserve.

Think about it … if we don’t feel at a deep level that we truly deserve success how can we expect to ever fully achieve it? Once we release feelings of guilt and shame connected to ourselves and our pasts we are more capable of having the success that we seek.

4. Drink Water

As a general rule of thumb, most of us do not drink enough water. Water is like the miracle drink. This tasteless resource which many have tried to sabotage by saying it’s filled with too many chemicals, is the one thing which can help improve our health perhaps more than anything else. Water can help cleanse the kidneys and body – something which is very important to our overall ability to function. Additionally, when we are more hydrated we tend to perform better and feel better about ourselves and our lives.

How much water should you drink? That depends on who you ask. Most health specialist will say eight eight ounce glasses a day. However, it’s also important that we know our own body. Some of us may need more and some of us may need less. By vocal coach solved this problem by always carrying a huge 32 oz mug of water with her wherever she went. She went through about three of those a day. She replaced most drinks with water – especially cola. That’s another blog topic though!

5. Pamper Yourself for an Hour

When was the last time you took an hour for you? As human beings we need self time. Some of us, of course. require more than others, but we all need some time for ourselves. The important thing is to do something meaningful to you during your self time.

For some that may be writing in a diary or journal and for others it could playing a video game. Many will benefit from a soak in a hot tub or bath. Some like to mellow out to relaxing music and others tend to enjoy getting lost in a good book. As for me, I enjoy just sitting and thinking. When we take an hour (or two) for ourselves, it helps to improve our mentality and overall  functioning thus increasing that quality of life.

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