5 Self Improvement Tips

5 Self Improvement Tips

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In this article by John Culbertson, he takes a look at 5 important self improvement tips for anyone seeking personal or spiritual growth.

One of the most rewarding things a person can do for themselves is focus on their own personal and spiritual development. Even if it’s a lifelong journey, it’s well worth giving focus and attention to. There’s a good chance that because you’re reading this article that you’re on a quest for finding better strategies to stimulate your own self improvement. There is no doubt that any self improvement tips you can uncover you’ll treasure and take to heart, especially if you believe they will help you to achieve your goals.

I’d like to help you. I’ve been involved in the self-help and self improvement fields for over 14 years now. I have 5 self improvement tips that I’d like to offer you today that I believe will be worth their weight in gold.

We Don’t Know Everything

The biggest mistake that I see people making over and over again in life is that they believe they already know it all. When a person gets into the mindset of “I already know this” or “I don’t need to hear this because I know better” they are putting themselves in a non teachable position.

We aren’t talking about just having humility here, though that is important. Rather, we are speaking on the fact that most people who want to be successful and who aren’t successful have stopped learning. They don’t allow themselves to learn anything knew and they can’t even recognize when they are about to learn something new, because they already have it in their mind that they already know the topic.

There’s always something new to learn. This is true for me, you, your friends, and the person you hate most, and so on. Just because we hear the same thing over again, doesn’t mean there isn’t something new to gain or something valuable to come later. Always ask yourself, “Am I willing to learn today?” This is the easiest way to keep the ego in check and to make some wonderful new friends in the process.

Yes, It Really Is Possible to Be To Positive

I am all for being positive. I am all for approaching the world and the problems of the world from a positive perspective. I am all for encouraging and fostering positivity in people. I also, however, am a firm believer in reason and critical thinking skills.

Sometimes I find people are so caught up in being positive that they fail to notice or start to neglect important things in their lives. Life is about balance. When you don’t balance critical thinking with positivity, many people eventually end up putting themselves in danger or, worse, wake up much too late and have to deal with negative consequences. These consequences could have easily been avoided by simply paying attention to the negative events as they came up and dealing with instead of avoiding them.

Remember, it’s not bad to be positive. In fact, the law of attraction works best when we feel good about ourselves and our lives. That doesn’t give us permission, however, to simply ignore every single negative life event that comes up or that we encounter. By dealing with these negative events effectively, we feel a sense of accomplishment and that, also, will allow the law of attraction to work well in our favor.

Nature is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

C.S. Lewis, a famous Christian author, once mentioned that he believed most of people’s problems were the result of a disconnection with the rest of creation. In other words, he believed that because people avoided or didn’t spend enough time in the natural world, that this lead to a great many problems.

He’s not the only person to believe that. Shamans of old, and new, preach constantly about the destruction that’s being caused because people no longer allow themselves to feel connected to the natural world. They believe that man made technology is on the verge of destroying community and human connectedness.

Sadly, scientists are starting to agree with them!

By allowing ourselves to be connected to nature we gain many things. These include:

• A sense of awe and beauty

• A feeling of peacefulness

• Reduced stress

• A feeling of connectedness to the greater whole

• The ability to tune into and connect better with ourselves

• Lessons that only nature itself can teach us

Ted Andrews (RIP), a shamanic practitioner, encouraged all people to take the time to reacquaint themselves with nature and to discover for themselves how it affected and made a difference in their lives. Today, I’m encouraging you to do the same.

Your Body is the Most Important Thing

Here’s an interesting self improvement tip for you. I’ve observed that far too many people spend time wanting and desiring spiritual or personal growth, but neglect their body in the process. Heck, I’m even guilty of this. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that personal growth and spiritual development really won’t matter if we aren’t here.

Not to pull the Bible card on anyone, but if you’re a Christian then the New Testament does remind us that our body is a temple. A temple to be cared for and made scared like any temple that one would worship in. I’m sure other important religious books or doctrines have taught much the same.

Also, health experts tell us that when we are out of shape that we lack energy, drive, and motivation and these can result in people feeling like they are failing or making people want to give up!

It would make more sense if we focused on developing our physical bodies first and then move on to personal and spiritual development. The other option, of course, is to find a balance in the development of all three.

Have a Purpose with a Burning Desire to Accomplish It

Napoleon Hill talks about the importance of having a burning desire. This burning desire is what results in the most successful people being successful. Do you have a purpose? Do you have an inner burning desire to accomplish it at the cost of anything?

If you don’t have a purpose, it’s never too late to discover it. You can’t, however, ask someone else to do that for you. It’s something that you, and only you, can do.

The best way to find your purpose is to think about what you really want out of life. This shouldn’t be about money either! Do you want to help people? Do you want to raise a family? Do you want to see the world? Do you want to help people become fit? Do you want to help those who are in grief find some sense of peace? There are so many things you can desire, and until you question yourself and spend time thinking about it, you won’t ever fully know what your life purpose is.

I promise you: If you uncover your purpose, strive toward that purpose with a burning desire, you’ll obtain more in life than you would have ever thought possible. If you already know your purpose, then your task should be focusing on living out that purpose.

There you have it, 5 self improvement tips for you to ponder. I hope you have found this useful and are able to start applying at least one of the tips to your life.

To your success!

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