3 Spiritual Life Lessons I've Learned

3 Spiritual Life Lessons I’ve Learned

All of us in this world are constantly in a process of learning spiritually. We are all also in the process of trying to improve our lives. Each of us can learn something from each other and we are all called, from time to time, to be teachers to one another. The problem is that sometimes our ego gets in the way of us allowing ourselves to hear new thoughts and ideas from other people. We sometimes think we know it all or that there is nothing else left to learn. This is a dangerous place to be for it shuts down the possibility of not only advancing spiritually and in our lives, but also from being capable of being able to teach others those very ideas we avoided allowing ourselves listen and learn in the first place.

In the spirit of both learning and teaching, I wanted to share a few of the things I have learned from other people in the forty years that I’ve been on this planet. Here are three spiritual lessons my guides (both spiritual and physical world) have shared with me over the years that I’d also like to share with you. Try to figure out which of them you’ve already learned and which would be in your best interest to work more on.

Lesson 1: We Either Control Our Emotions or They Control Us

Two young people both have a partner that breaks their romantic relationship off with them. One breaks down and cries, saying “I can’t live without you!” The other shrugs and says “there are more fish in the sea!” Both have experienced the same event, but their reaction and emotional disposition determine where things now go and how they ultimately feel.

My students never like it when I say we can control our emotions. One of the first tasks in many Esoteric Organizations is in teaching the adepts to understand and grasp this concept. Once a person learns to master their emotions, they can effectively change their lives in a mere instance. Likewise, to not have that mastery is to allow other people and situations to eventually dictate your life.

This has personally been a very hard lesson for me to learn and I find myself still working on it, sometimes daily. I have such a strong emotional sensitivity to the world around me that my emotions are always firing. Learning to take a deep breath and ground and stabilize before reacting or acting has been a challenge.

What has helped me? Having teenagers! Many know that my wife and I have hosted three foreign exchange students over the last few years. Having a teen in my life has forced me to stay centered and grounded – in an effort to keep them centered and grounded too! Sometimes we need others around to help remind us, even if just with their presence, that we need to stay in and keep control of those deep and passionate emotions that flow through us.

The other very practical thing which has helped has been meditation. I can always tell when I’m due for a meditation session. I feel drained, exhausted, and irritated. I’m always amazed at how much meditation helps me to stay in control of my emotions as well as refreshes me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and many times even physically.

Lesson 2: Every Failure Helps Us

Many times when people fail, they give up. Most failure is designed to redirect us in a new direction. It’s designed to help us move a new way or to try a new idea, but not to give up on the original goal.

The most successful people in our world have failed multiple times, but each time they learned something, changed their plans, and kept moving forward. The next time it appears you have failed, try not to get upset. Rather look rationally at what has occurred and why, spend some time redirecting yourself, and then move forward with your head held high.

I must admit, this has been another very difficult life lesson for me. I am one of the first people that want to give up when things seem to not be going the way I thought they would or should. I have probably missed several opportunities over the years simply because I looked at something which didn’t appear to be working and said “screw it” and changed plans entirely.

These days I’m working very hard at not changing the entire plan, but rather, just redirecting my energy in a slightly different direction while keeping my focus still on the original idea or thought. Also, each time I am met with what appears to be a failure I take a deep breath and say a slight thank you to God. Thank you for letting me know that there is a different and better way than what I think I know.

Lesson 3:  What we think, say, AND feel creates.

Much of the Law of Attraction focuses on thoughts. Think better, and life gets better. We have to realize, however, that it’s not just what you think that creates, but what you say and feel that creates too.

Your whole being is constantly projecting to the Universe. Creating better things means not just thinking differently, but acting/speaking differently and feeling differently too. If you think positive thoughts but are feeling angry, you’ll only create situations in life that bring more anger. If you think positive thoughts but go around speaking ill of another, you’re only going to create in life more situations where you’ll want to speak ill.

All three must be aligned to the highest good. If they aren’t, you’re wise to seek the counsel of someone that can let you vent, while helping to uplift and redirect your thoughts, feelings, and words.

As with the other lessons, this one has taken some time to sink in for me. I am much better at being aware of my thoughts, feelings, and words than I was five years ago. For me, I had to take extra time to consciously work on becoming aware of not only what I was saying and how, but what thoughts were going through my head and what emotions I was feeling.

There were times when I would say I wanted to do something, but deep inside I felt fear about actually doing it. This creates conflict in the Universal Mind. Likewise, to feel happy while or immediately after yelling at someone also creates conflict. As a result, when we say we want something but inside are afraid, we attract more situations into our lives that will bring out that fear. When we yell at someone – even if we tell people we don’t like yelling, if we feel a sense of satisfaction after doing it – we will attract more situations into our lives where we feel we need to yell.

The point is, our words, thoughts, and feelings must be in alignment to truly create and get those things which we want in our life.

So these are three spiritual life lessons I have learned. So ask yourself now, what spiritual life lessons have you learned and that you need to share with others?

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