What is a psychic love reading?

What are Love Psychic Readings?

Love psychic readings? People really get those?

Yes, they do. Many people, in fact, get readings to learn about their love life. It is perhaps one of, if not the, most popular reasons for an individual to see a professional psychic or intuitive counselor.

The problem with love readings is that they are typically almost always based around the free will of two people. Whenever you have free will involved in a situation, there can be no guaranteed outcome. A reader can look at the direction things are currently heading and they can look at where things are likely to be heading. They can not, however, tell you with any degree of certainty what will definitely happen.

Free Will in Love Matters

It’s more accurate to say free will always matters. Whenever I do sessions for people I always take time to look for ways to remind them that they have free will and are capable of influencing, for good or bad, the things that I see. This is especially true in matters of the heart.

Free will can enable a relationship that everyone thinks is doomed for failure to survive and blossom. It can equally create negative situations in a relationship that everyone believes is ideal. Even an ideal relationship, a soul mate relationship, can crumble and fall apart if free will is applied in a negative manner by one or both parties.

A love psychic can help you to understand how free will is at work and provide insights and guidance on how to make the best use of free will to help make the most of your relationship situations.

Soul Mates – Not What You Think

It’s also important to realize that I’ve come to understand soul mates on a very different level than most people in the world.

When most people think of the term soul mate, they believe it is a relationship where two people were always meant to be together and will thus always be together.

While that is correct theoretically, the problem lies in the actuality of the physical world.

You see, soul mates are certainly two souls that have always been tied together. They are also two souls that have typically lived many lives together. That does not mean, however, that in this life the two people are “destined” to be together.

While at a soul level the soul mates will always be tied to each other and will no doubt have many other lives together, in the physical world it’s important to understand that this fact does not mean that the two souls have to always be together. In fact, it may be in this particular life time that the two souls are meant to have different or new experiences to strengthen the soul bond in other life times.

When you add in the fact that two people can be soul mates and still have free will, it’s easy to see and understand why not all soul mates become involved in life mate relationships.

It’s also important to understand that people can in fact have more than one soul mate. I could, theoretically, be married to a soul mate and encounter a person that I’ve shared a strong love bond with in several other lifetimes that is also on some level a soul mate.

This is easier to understand when you realize that we are all of the same spiritual essence.

So which do I spend my life with in this life time? Well, that depends on that free will aspect we were speaking about earlier. The free will of everyone involved will determine the answer to that question. Which could very well be neither of them!

Part of what a love reading can do for you is help you to understand if you are in fact soul mates and provide insights and guidelines on how this is influencing the relationship for good or bad and provide options on thinking and acting moving forward.

The Importance of Two

In a relationship, there are always two people. In traditional relationship counseling a counselor will typically not address a relationship unless both partners are present. The focus on most relationship counseling is improving communication between the couple and establishing boundaries. It can often times be unfair to address a relationship when only one partner is present. Everything can become skewed to just that person’s perspective. When both are present, it’s far more likely that the truth will be revealed.

Though I will sometimes address relationships with just one person present, the truth is, that when both partners are present at the session (along with the ritual healing that follows) the relationship tends to strengthen and move forward. The problem is that many times only one person in the relationship feels the need to seek out and ask for help. It’s only when both partners truly seek out help that things will get better. Otherwise, the truth is, that one of them doesn’t want the relationship to improve or, more likely, allows themselves to be stuck in a hopeless pattern that, though they have control over, they believe controls them.

When both accept the need for help and seek it out, they will get it – though it usually will require a degree of sharing and work which many are unwilling to engage in.

The first questions I typically ask each individual are:

1. Do you want the relationship to get better?


2. Are you willing to do and sacrifice anything for that to happen?

If either partner answers no to either question, I typically recommend they move on. No matter what we do at that point, it won’t save the relationship and the couple is better off cutting their loses and moving on without each other.

If they both answer yes and truly mean it to both questions, then there are a great many steps that can be taken to not only improve the relationship, but guide both to fulfillment. This is just another example of how a love psychic/intuitive counselor can help in matters of the heart.

Final Thoughts on Love Psychic Readings

As you can see, there are many ways a psychic and/or intuitive counselor can assist you in love and relationships. Sometimes they simply bring out into the open and remind people of common sense and other times they uncover deeper insights that simply weren’t available prior to the session. Regardless, it’s worth a try.

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