How to Flirt - Tips for Flirting

How to Flirt – Tips for Flirting

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The world of the single person and dating can be fun, fast paced, and exciting. Even so, there are many people both young and old that aren’t sure how to flirt. Perhaps it’s because flirting is associated with being naughty, but for some reason this topic draws more interest than almost any other in the dating field. Here are some of the secrets to how to flirt.

Flirting Tips for Everyone

If you want to know how to flirt it’s important that you don’t ever turn away from the person you’re flirting with or try to fake a smile, both of these are body language signs for disinterest. Additionally, showing a genuine smile, tilting your head slightly as you listen, and keeping eye contact with your target are all signs of interest.

It’s also important to be positive, have high energy, and try to stay in a feeling or vibe of fun-loving. These go a long ways in helping to rouse interest in both genders.

Finally, how you dress and your overall appearance adds a big element to flirting. Most men will enjoy skirts/dresses over pants/slacks as this brings out the feminine aspect of the female form. Women, on the other hand, typically want some sense of style in their man. Both genders appreciate good grooming habits such as clean teeth, nails, and hair.

Men Seeking to Flirt

Touching is important when it comes to knowing how to flirt! The sooner you can make physical contact with a lady you’re interest in, the better off you’ll be. Try to make physical contact with her arm, hands, or a shoulder. If done confidently, this gives off the signal that you are friendly to be around and comfortable around women. It also indicates that you are aware of one of the more subtle secrets of how to flirt.

Guys, try to avoid fidgeting, smoothing your clothes, or playing with an object as you interact with a woman you’re interested in. These all give off the signal that you are weak, nervous, and lack confidence. All three of these are major turn offs when it comes to women, dating, and flirting.

Playful teasing is another way to flirt and something you should make a primary weapon in your flirting arsenal. Think of her as like a little sister and treat her accordingly. If done correctly you’ll both be laughing and having fun and she’ll find you fun and interesting to be around.

Women Attempting to Flirt

Licking your lips is a seductive signal that aware men will realize you’re showing above average interest. Likewise, don’t be afraid to flick, stroke, or play with your hair. Additionally, crossing and uncrossing the legs can also be suggestive of wanting a more intimate contact with him. Likewise, removing/ replacing a piece of jewelry or a shoe gives off the same signal.

Physical touch is important to men also! Try for brief encounters of touch followed by not touching. This will build sexual excitement and interest quickly. You can use either your hands or your feet (footsie anyone?) to do this.

If you want to know how to flirt practice your banter! Most men love playful banter and sexual innuendos.

When to Stop Flirting

No matter your gender, if you receive a cold shoulder, the person you’re attempting to flirt with turns their back on you, or the person you ‘re flirting with gives you a blank stare it’s time to move on to someone else. Most singles enjoy flirting, so don’t let these awkward moments stop you from enjoying yourself. By practicing these tips on how to flirt you’ll be having fun in no time!


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