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06-06-2006: Port Charlotte, FL Herald Tribune
11-2008: Broward County, Florida Natural Awakenings Magazine
Press Release 4-9-2010 An End to Negative Energy in Psychic Self Defense and Protection, Published by Outskirts Press
June 2010: Port Charlotte Florida Natural Awakenings Magazine
Press Release 5-25-2012 San Antonio To Be Visited By Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher John Culbertson.
September 2012 – Light Bridges Magazine
Press Release 4-25-2013 New Age Spirituality Now Has a New Avatar at
Press Release 4-28-2013 It’s a startlingly simple guidebook to energize your life – “Improve Your Intuition” by John Culbertson to be released on June 25th.€€€.mp3
6-25-2013 John Carney Radio Show Interview, 550 AM St. Louis.
8-9-2013 With Five Questions Blog
8-19-2013 Interview with Interesting People Blog



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Recommended Links

This is a master list of sites that John Recommends

If It's Broken Don't Fix It
Sinhue Noriega’s Site
Author of the book If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It. The book is a
romance thriller where the author paints a picture full of hope, then leaves it out in the rain, drenched with the shivers of the occult.
“Informed and informative… “If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It” should be considered mandatory reading for parents, teachers, politicians, and readers concerned with the state of education in America today” -Midwest Book Review

Ashley Rae, (Author and Spiritual Counselor)
Beecham Parker, (Psychic Medium)

Charles Filius, (Psychic Medium, Spirit Drawings, and Author)
Christopher Penczak (Psychic, Author, and High Priest)
Craig Hamilton Parker (Psychic Medium and Author)
Doreen Virtue (Psychic Medium and Angel Communicator)
Dr. Douglas Kelley (Founder of the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science)
Dr. Steve Serr (Shaman)
James Higgins, (Psychic Medium)
James Van Praagh (Psychic Medium and Author)
John Edward (Psychic Medium and Author)
John Holland (Psychic Medium and Author)
Lisa Williams (Psychic Medium and Author)
Martin Jordan (Psychic Medium)
Mic McManus, (Modern Day Shaman)
Michelle Whitedove (Psychic and Author)
Nicole Noles, (Acupuncture Physician, Massage Therapist, and Psychic)
Peace River Ghost Trackers (Paranormal Investigators)

Robert Austin, (Crystal Bowl Sound Healer)
Sandra Cheryl Richardson, (Psychic, Author, and Wiccan Priestess)
Sandy Anastasi (Psychic Channel, Author, and Astrologer)
Sylvia Browne (Psychic and Author)

Ascension-NewAge Directory


This is a master list of stores in which John has done psychic/divination readings, performed healing or ritual work, or taught classes at.  
Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium – Albuquerque, NM
Crescent Springs – Overland Park, Kansas
Crone’s Hollow – Salt Lake City, UT             
Om Gaia Spiritual Centre – Bradenton, Florida
Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center – San Antonio, TX

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