Q: What is your disclaimer?

A: You can read the disclaimer here.

This is something everyone should do before booking a session.

Q: Where is your privacy policy?

A: You can read the privacy policy here.

Q: Do you still do email readings?

A: Yes. You can access the email readings by clicking here.

Q: Has John read every book that he recommends?

A: Not only has he read every book from cover to cover, but they are also in his personal library!

Q: What is a tarot session with John like?

A: You call John. He generally engages in some very brief chit-chat with you to start the flow of energy. Protections and meditations will have been completed prior to your call, but depending on how he feels, he may or may not ask for a moment of silence to ground and center. If you are a first-time client, he will get your date of birth and do some light numerology to get to know you and your energy. After that, you will move into the main portion of the reading.

John will ask what you want to focus on or what your main question is. He will determine what type of spread to use. Cards are then drawn and interpreted.

At the end of the session, John will almost always ask if you would like him to send positive energy to you or someone else. There is never an additional charge for this.

Q: What types of people does John work with?

A: All types. It doesn’t matter what your background or spiritual belief system is. John work with all socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, races, sexual orientations, religions, and lifestyles.

Q: How accurate are the tarot readings?

A: It depends. On the person, the day, the time, the phases of the moon, and a whole host of other factors that most people would never think to consider. While some people John reads for claims that he is  100 percent accurate for them, others tend to be more in the 60-70 percent range. It’s incredibly important that you understand that these sessions aren’t intended as mere fortune-telling sessions. The point isn’t to necessarily predict with accuracy what will happen, but to provide an idea of where things appear to be heading and offer some guidance while allowing you to have some degree of control over your own life. Additionally, the tarot is a valuable psychological tool to help you connect with your subconscious mind. Come with the attitude that I’m working on myself and you’ll find the sessions far more satisfactory than if you come thinking “I’m going to be told what to do and exactly what will happen,”

Q: How often should I get a session?

A: The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer to how often you should get a session. As long as you find it helpful, it’s worth having. Some clients get a session weekly and others yearly. Still, some get one whenever they feel the need and others once a quarter. It totally depends on your personal preferences.

Q: Does John do Skype or Facetime sessions?

A: John prefers the phone to Skype. Email readings are also always available. John also offers Zoom video classes throughout the year.

Q: What is Culbertson Ministries?

A: Culbertson Ministries is the parent company from which John operates. Your credit card or PayPal statement will reflect this. Sometimes simply the name CULBERTSON will show up on your statement.