Spiritual Guidance for Couples

Spiritual Guidance for Couples

How Does This Work?

  • Spiritual guidance for couples focuses on two areas.
  • The first area, is each individual sharing their spiritual journey with me (the spiritual guide) and each other.
  • The second area is the couple working to create a shared spiritual journey to deepen their intimacy with each other and the Divine.
  • Spiritual guidance for couples typically works best in person. Still, phone sessions are available if both people in the relationship are willing to be present.
  • I will be listening to both of you, your thoughts, and experiences and providing a compassionate and nonjudgmental environment for you to share.
  • I will also be teaching you, through example, how to do the same with each other.
  • Additionally, I will be sharing my thoughts and insights.
  • I will further be asking relevant questions to both gather information as well as to help you go deeper into your connection with the Divine.
  • These sessions require a one-hour weekly commitment for six weeks.

How Much Does it Cost?

Standard rates are $75 an hour per couple, with a minimum of 6 hours/weeks required. That’s a total of $450 per couple for six weeks. You can book through the online booking system below.