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How Often Do You Meditate?  

Member Admin

It's a busy world! I know that it can be challenging to find time to meditate. I am curious, however, how often do you meditate?

Posted : 03/05/2020 6:38 pm

What do you see as differences between meditating and praying? Would you say meditation is a spiritual letting go, while prayer is a spiritual conversation?

Posted : 11/05/2020 3:32 pm
Member Admin

Traditionally, praying is associated with speaking to God, and meditation is associated with listening to God.

Meditating has different forms...

The best way to think of meditating is "focusing the mind." Some prefer "training the mind." Thus, the word meditation can be equated to the word focus.

That focus may be on something from scripture, for example, but it could also be on the breath, an affirmation, a mantra, a symbol, a feeling, a movement, a job/work, etc. Even nothingness itself can be a focus for meditation.

Reading books is a form of meditation - especially if you find yourself getting lost in the book. Exercise can be a great meditation - especially when you enter that headspace known as runners high or the athletic zone. The most common form of meditation is closing the eyes and just paying attention to one's breathing.....

Ancient mystics would usually close their eyes and try to focus the mind of nothing - in an attempt to hear the voice of God or feel the presence of God. Some religions tell their followers to "meditate on the word of God..." again, by replacing the word meditate with focus, you get a good sense of what the aim is.

Some people believe that praying and meditating, is, in fact, the same thing.... although I have always personally felt a difference between the two.

Great question!!!

Thanks for asking!


Posted : 11/05/2020 5:06 pm
amberjack liked

Great explanation! I would say that I meditate daily. I do so in various forms.

I love to exercise, I use kickboxing as my main source of meditation. I get lost when I'm kicking and punching. I feel as I have no worries, no thoughts or feelings. I give it my all. 

I also practice deep breathing in a quiet space most days. I do this at least 3 times a week at work. I have a stressful job and sometimes I just need to step away. 

Posted : 12/05/2020 7:20 am

Thank you for your views on meditation - that helps me understand it more clearly.

Every morning, I wake up a half an hour earlier than I need to in order to do some yoga and meditation. It helps me get into a good frame of mind for the day, and the stretching feels great after a restful night's sleep. 

Posted : 14/05/2020 8:01 am