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Adult vacations  


What are your thoughts on taking mini vacations with your spouse (leaving kids with grandparents)? We are thinking about doing this next month. A 4 day trip with just the two of us. I think it's important to have a great relationship with your spouse because your kids will be grown and on their own at some point.

Posted : 20/05/2020 2:17 pm
Member Admin

Funny you bring that up. You must be "psychic" or something! 😉

My Sunday Meeting lesson this week is on the hierarchy of relationships - and the spouse, as a general rule, is considered the most important relationship next to the Higher Power.

Thus, as long as the spouse is on board, I say more power to you both and go for it!!! What a great way to connect (reconnect)!!!

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Posted : 20/05/2020 2:27 pm

I agree that it is important to keep your relationship connected. I think it's a great idea! Where are you going? I think it's important to also do a "family vacation" too. 

Posted : 20/05/2020 8:20 pm

I think it's a great idea. It'll be summer, the perfect time for the kids to visit their grandparents. Not only will the vacation allow you to connect with your spouse, it will allow your kids to build a stronger bond with their grandparents. 

Posted : 23/05/2020 12:09 pm