Common Questions

Q: Do you still do other sessions? I’m an old client, can I still work with you?

A: Yes!  I encourage you to book a 30 or 60 minutes spiritual guidance session. From there we will talk.

Q: Do you give homework?

A: Don’t think of it as homework, think of it more as engaging in spiritual practice. The idea is to learn and grow between sessions. Suggestions for what you can do between sessions provide a context for where our discussion can head next.

Q: What types of people do you work with?

A: All types. It doesn’t matter what your background or current belief system is. I work with all socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, races, sexual orientations, religions, and lifestyles.

Q: How often should I get a session?

A: One-on-one spiritual guidance works best when done once a month. This guidance usually continues for as long as a person finds it beneficial. You are, of course, welcome to get sessions more often.

Spiritual guidance for couples requires a commitment of the pair working together with me once a week for six consecutive weeks.

Guidance by email tends to involve 2-3 email exchanges per week for as long as a person finds it beneficial. Of course, some people only send and respond to one email per week, and this is perfectly fine too.

The bottom line; there is no right or wrong as long as you’re finding the meetings beneficial.

Q: Do you do Skype or Facetime sessions?

A: I prefer the phone to Skype. I do, however, do Skype voice sessions.

Unfortunately, the video where I am tends to be glitchy and problematic with lots of lag time, interruptions, and disconnections. As such, I am unwilling to do video conferencing of any type.

For international folks, Skype voice tends to work best if they are unable to do phone sessions.

Q: I can’t afford your fee, what can I do?

A: I offer discounted sessions to a limited number of seekers who are in need and that sincerely desire spiritual guidance.

To see if there is any availability and to check those discounted rates, use the contact form to reach out.

Q: What is Culbertson Entertainment?

A: I am not a nonprofit, and I endeavor to make a living doing what I do. Culbertson Entertainment is the parent company from which I operate. Your credit card or PayPal statement will reflect this.