Color Magick

The Magick of Colors: How Colors Empower

Unless you are color blind, colors play a vitally important role in the world. Both the physical world and the nonphysical world are enhanced through the use of colors. In fact, colors are essential for a few different reasons. Psychology, for example, teaches us that each color has an impact on our feelings and moods. […]

Five Pagan Beliefs

5 Things Many Pagans Believe

Paganism is an earth-based spiritual path. There are many types of Pagans, and all have somewhat slightly different beliefs. Despite this, they do typically share many views too. The easiest way to understand this is to consider Christianity. Christianity is to Paganism as Wicca is to Baptist or witchcraft is to Catholicism. In other words, […]

Witch Sterotype

What is a Witch?

Human beings have this unusual ability to form preconceived notions and judgments. These notions and opinions are frequently influenced by what we have been taught by parents, religion, books, music, and other forms of media. Sometimes they are formed through limited personal experience too. The idea of the Witch is one that tends to arouse […]

What is Celtic Music?

What is Celtic Music?

Music may vary from one country to another country. Celtic music traces its roots back to the 1600s but is now becoming one of the most popular music genres in various parts of the world. This music involves different types of sub-genres which cover the traditional music of the Celtic countries. These countries include Scotland, […]

What is Ostara?

Celebrating the Spring Equinox

March 20-21 is a time when many people, including most pagans, celebrate the Spring Equinox. Depending upon the tradition one belongs to, this celebration goes by many names. For most, it’s called Ostara. Many times this is spelled Eostar. This is a happy pagan holiday with the focus being on rebirth. This holiday also has […]

Yule - A Pagan Christmas

Yule – A Pagan Christmas

December 25th is traditionally known as Christmas. It is a period of time for gift-giving and for many, it’s also recognition of the birth of Christ Jesus. For believers of the old ways (Shamans, Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, etc) this day is celebrated sometime between the 20th and 22nd of December, usually on the night of […]

Samhain - A Pagan Halloween

Samhain – A Pagan New Year

Come gather around and listen to my words. The wheel of life has begun its cycle all over again. As the wheel turns to Samhain we celebrate the birth of another new year. For the believers of the ways of the old (Shamans, Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, etc) this day marks the start of their new […]

Candle Magick Simple Binding Spell

Basic Candle Magick Spell for Protection from Negativity

Alexandra has been dating a man named Robert for two months. At first, everything was great between the two of them. He was romantic, kind, gentle, and easy to get along with. Additionally, he had a natural leadership quality about him which really drew Alexandra in. Now, though, things aren’t so great. Alexandra feels that […]

Huna - Hawaiian Shamanism

Understanding Huna and Polynesian Shamanism

There is a shamanic system that originated in the Polynesian islands which focuses on being in perfect balance and respecting both fellow man and the universe as a whole. This system is called Huna. Huna is an old method of energy healing that dates back many years ago. Kahunas were the ancient followers of Huna. […]

What is Black Magic?

What is Black Magic? Understanding Dark Arts

For those involved in Wiccan and new age circles, magic and spells are very real. Black magic is considered by many to be one of the purest forms of the dark arts. Taking some time to understand what black magic is and the dangers that are connected to it is important and not just to […]